Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mommy + Me Day with Finley

Yesterday Finley had her Mommy and Me Day.  She was also very excited to have me there for the day.
Penelope took our photo before we left.  You will notice that this is not what Finley wore to Mommy and Me day.  She dumped her lunch all over her so she quickly had to change.
Each day the kids come in they sit on the carpet and discuss the date, month, year, how many school days they have been (grouped in 100’s, 10’s and 1’s) as well as the weather.  They then discuss the centres that are going on that day.
Today the science project was building a flower and then drawing a line from the part of the plant that matched the word on the paper.
Then we went to the play doh centre where Finley made my launch out of it.  
Then we made necklaces and bracelets and I didn’t tie them properly so both broke before the class ended
Then we made flowers out of tissue paper and we turned it into a corsage for me.  Thanks to Tiffany for that great idea
We then had some free time after we read the same story that we did in Penelope’s class.  I love that story – i may just have to buy it.
After snack time, all the kids sang 3 songs for us.  It was wonderful
These are all the wonderful gifts that Finley made with the help of her teachers.  They are so awesome!

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