Friday, 9 May 2014

Mommy + Me Day with Penelope

Today Penelope’s school had their Mommy and Me Day. Penelope has been so excited for this day it was ridiculous. She told me she made me something but it was a surprise. I was impressed she kept it a secret because she told us at Christmas that she made us a candle but it was a surprise. 
Penelope and I begore we headed to school. She picked out my earrings and necklace for the day. 
Waiting for school to start. 
Before they enter the classroom they have to find their name on the door and then once she gets inside she practices writing her name. She is getting better at spelling her name. Finley could by now but keys be real here, Penelope’s name is as big as she is! 
After writing time, it was free time and so we played 
And played 
And played some more until craft time. We decorated hats with flowers and crepe paper. It was lots of fun. You could certainly tell the crafty moms from the others. They had some pretty impressive hats. 
Then Penelope and I read 2 Clifford books, a dinosaur book and Disney seek and find book. 
Then I got bored of reading so we played with the Little People Farm. Mrs L was awesome enough to take out photo. 
Then we had story time with all the moms and kids. Mrs P read “What Mom’s Can’t Do” which is a truly fabulous book. I really recommend moms to read it. 
We actually had snack time before story time but I messed up while adding the photos. 
Then all the kids in all 3 classes (Finley’s not included as it’s not preschool) put on a concert for us which was just phenomenal. 
My Mother’s Day present from Penelope. She was just so proud of it. Stuff like this always makes me cry. I am such a wuss. 
Clearly I am not one of the crafty moms Hahahaha. Penelope loved it though. 
We had a great time at mommy and me day. Their preschool always does a great job at everything. They really do. I love them so much!! I was really impressed at how well Penelope listens, cleans up and puts stuff away. She was even putting other kids toys away!!! Why can’t she be like this at home?? Mrs P overheard me asking Penelope and she said it never seems to be transferable. Haha 
What a great start to Mother’s Day weekend. Finley’s is Friday. It should also be a great afternoon. 

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