Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This morning I was “woken” up by Finley giving me this beautiful card that she and Penelope made with Daddy’s help.  As you can see, they were attempting to draw our backyard.  I only wish the sun was shining like in this photo!
Inside the card
The front of the card
The beautiful hanging basket that the girls got for me!  Of course, the flowers are pink!
My two favorite girls wearing special shirts for Mother’s Day!  We took 40 photos and this was the best one.  There were some terrible ones!
Our plan was to head to Banff today and do some hiking but it has been raining since yesterday so we will not be doing that.  We are, however, heading out to Canmore for a BBQ at Greg’s cousin Sarah’s place.
Hope everybody has a wonderful mother’s day!

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