Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I had planned a much more elaborate post that included mommy and me day at finley’s preschool and a collection of all the artwork that she has made this week but on top of being pregnant, potty training the most stubborn 2 year old in the entire world and dealing with regular mom + household duties, I got seriously sick. Today marks day 5 of this awful cold that has inhabited my body. Yesterday my sinuses hurt so bad that they made my ears + teeth ache. Today i am just really congested and battling both a stuffed yet runny nose. Go figure.  
I will post the mommy + me stuff hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday along with a blog about today’s festivities.  We are headed to Banff today so hopefully the clean mountain air helps me out :) 
But before we go I just wanted to wish all the wonderful mom’s in my life a very happy Mother’s Day. I have been blessed to have a great mom, wonderful aunts + a grandma not to mention cousins, mothers in laws (yes I have 2) and great friends who have supported me throughout my life and continue to do so even if they don’t realize it.  I hope that wherever you are that you know that you are all loved and appreciated not just today but everyday of the year. 

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