Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mother's Day 2013

My mother’s day started with Greg getting up with Penelope at 645 even though I had been awake in bed since about 5am due to my darn cold.  I did eventually fall back asleep and was awaken by Greg and the girls.  They had made my beautiful cards complete with macaroni, lentils and finger paint!  They were awesome!!  I loved them both!!  I also got breakfast in bed which consisted of poached eggs and toast – my favorite.  Apparently Finley was upset that they were not making pancakes (her favorite) so Greg promised her he’d take her to Tim Hortons for a donut so I also got a maple dipped donut and a raspberry lemonade!!
While they were gone to Tim Horton’s I got ready for us to head to Banff for the day.  It is a tradition for us to  head to Banff on either the Saturday or Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend. I wasn’t sure how much fun it would be considering that I can barely walk let alone hike!!

We arrived at Lake Minnewanka for a picnic lunch and possibly a hike out to Stewart Canyon since it is relatively flat and easy.

Seriously how blessed are we to live so close to absolute paradise.  I always say the closeness to the mountains is the #1 reason why I never want to move away from Calgary!!

It was really windy out there but we managed to find a picnic table tucked behind some trees where our lunch wouldn’t blow away.

We decided against Stewart Canyon because I could probably only do one hike and I really enjoy Johnston’s Canyon and the girls were really wanted to see waterfalls.  Finley loves waterfalls and made one out of macaroni for me on my card.

When we got to Johnston Canyon it was crazy busy!!!  We somehow lucked out and found a spot in a parking lot but there tons of cars parked along the road just before the entrance into the area

There was still lots of snow, ice, mud and slush much to the dismay of Finley

I don’t know how many of my readers hike this canyon on a regular basis but we do it a few times a year since it’s an easy one for the girls to do on their own but this water is unusually high. I have never seen it that high before!

If you hike into the cave, you come out to an overlook of the waterfall.  Finley and Penelope are now both terrified of this and this is as far as they got.  I didn’t go in much further as it is wet and rocky and I didn’t want to hurt myself while pregnant.  I could see the water coming down and again, it was the heaviest I have ever seen it!

On our way back to the car, we came across some of the fattest squirrels ever.  The one thing about this canyon is that it is very popular and very touristy and so they feed the squirrels despite all the signs saying not to.  The fattest ones always live here!

Penelope checking out the friendly squirrel

Hello Mr Squirrel :)

Just before we reached the end of the hike, there was a crazy dust/rock avalanche that I had never seen before.  It was so hazy and dusty that you couldn’t see.  i was wearing sunglasses and I still got stuff in my eyes!

Me and the girls on Mother’s Day.  Finley kept wanting to sit on my knee but we probably would have fallen into the water!
We headed back into Banff and walked down Banff Ave where I spoiled myself with a new pair of the Studio Crops from Lululemon in Power Purple.  I have wanted these forever and I hesitated and they are sold out online!!  If you ever want a comfy pant or crop, I highly recommend the studio line because they are amazing!!  I have 4 pairs of the crops and 2 pairs of the pants.  Well worth every penny!!
We stopped at the Candy Shoppe where Finley picked out a chocolate toonie and Penelope picked out a very large junior mint.  The people ahead of us spent $52 on chocolate and candy.  I can’t imagine!!!  We headed further on down the Ave (in the rain I might add) and stopped at The Fudgery for some fudge for me and a bear paw for Greg.  I actually forgot about the fudge until I was cleaning out our Banff bag and came across it today.  Nice to know I will have a sweet treat for tonight once the girls are in bed!
We couldn’t decide where to eat in Banff so we drove to Canmore and had supper at the Grizzly Paw.  It was ok I guess.  It’s expensive for a) what you get b) quality of food but then again, it’s known more for it’s beer which Greg said was fantastic then their food.

All in all, it was fantastic day spent with the whole reason I get to celebrate this day in the first place and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Ok maybe it wouldn’t have rained in Banff and I wouldn’t have had a cold but that’s about it.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciated every single thing Greg and the girls did for me but I can’t tell you how grateful I was to come downstairs after my breakfast in bed and see my entire kitchen cleaned up.  I didn’t clean up the night before because I didn’t feel well and was prepared for a giant mess.  It’s amazing how the littlest of things make the biggest of differences.
I hope each + every one of the mom’s who read my blog were as blessed as I was on Mother’s Day!

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