Monday, 9 May 2011

Mother's Day in Banff

On Mother’s Day we had been invited to a bbq in Canmore so we thought we would hit up Banff before hand to enjoy the outdoors.  We had left that we anticipated because of the crappy weather but it turned out to be not too bad in the town.
Finley getting ready to walk around Lake Minnewanka
Not a bad photo of Penelope considering I was carrying her!
The boat dock leading down to the lake.  Yes that is ALL snow!
Some Mountain Sheep around Two Jack.  It was a whole family of them – around 7 or 8 in total.  Finley loved them!
Finley + Greg walking around Bow Falls
It was surprising that the falls were even flowing considering the cold weather and record snowfall in the national park but it was beautiful as always
Bow falls is quite pretty and was the first place Finley ever went to in  Banff back in January 2009.
Finley beside the cow in you guessed it, the COW store.  She got a very cute Elmoo shirt and no that is not a typo
Finley at The Fudgery.  I got a nice chunk of maple fudge for mother’s day.  It was nice then but it didn’t seem very nice yesterday when I was trying on dresses at Forever 21.
Elk!  We also saw a tonne of deer!
It was a great mini escape that we all enjoyed very much.  We had a great time at Sarah + Iain’s place and met so many wonderful people!

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