Sunday, 20 December 2015

My Little Peg Family

Earlier this year my friend Sarah posted a peg family of her family that her mother in law purchased for her on etsy. I thought it was the most brilliant idea and told myself to research peg families on etsy for myself but never did. Earlier this month, she decided to make a few for some friends and I was lucky enough to have my little family made into pegs.  
I picked them up yesterday morning and marveled in happiness at how perfect they turned out. She captured us perfectly. They looked a little lost in my cube of the expedit so I went to  Michaels after lunch yesterday and bought the grey box (60% off) to use and I think it works perfectly. 
Here is an upclose photo of the pegs so you can see all of the detail in the outfits and accessories. Even Luci looks amazing.
I sent her the following two photos to base our pegs after. She nailed it.  
I am so grateful that I have so many creative, talented people in my life!

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