Monday, 18 May 2015


On Monday morning, Greg went and rented a car and we drove out to Napa.  We visited the area briefly last time we were here but I was pregnant and not really into wine at all.  This time, I wasn’t pregnant and enjoyed my sweet sweet wine.
It was very foggy as we took the Golden Gate Bridge over to Napa.  We lucked out with the weather we had had the day before for our race.  I am so grateful for that.  Also?? Much shorter driving on it then running on it that’s for sure!
A cool art statue on the main street in Napa or at least the main street for the touristy people.
Workers looking after the grapes.  
Beringer Winery.  It was one of the originally wineries in Napa and they orchestrated the tours of wineries for the public.  They also were able to continue making wine during the prohibition because they made the sacramental wine for the Catholic Church.
A wine tree
The lilacs on the property were in full bloom and they smelled delicious.  I love lilacs so much as they remind me of my grandparents house growing up.  We planted one in our front yard about 5 years ago or more but it’s still little.
More beautiful flowers
The vineyard cat
This was how they used to make the wine back when they first started out.
This was used in Paris to crush the grapes.  It was purchased in an auction several years ago by Beringer Winery and shipped back here to Napa.
They make their special reserved bottles in the smaller containers
Their wine isn’t stored in here anymore because it was getting too warm with all the tours so it is now stored across the street.  This is also where a scene from some movie with Anthony Quinn and Keanu Reeves was filmed in the 90s.
This is across the street where the basic wine is mass produced.
The only reason I wanted to come to Napa the first time was to get my photo taken under a Napa sign so I could say the following: “You take a Napa, you don’t move to Napa” which is from a scene between Carrie and Big in SATC when he decides to move  here.  Unfortunately it was raining so hard, no photo was taken.  But this time it was hot, hot, hot so I got my photo!!
Lots of destruction still remains in Napa thanks to the earthquake that hit last year.  Lots of buildings look like this in the downtown area.
Napa was a neat place to visit but I don’t know if I would go back again if I ever go back to San Francisco.  It was a little boring and not much going on.  That could change once they open their new mall/entertainment area later this year but even then I don’t know if I would.  But at least I got to visit it finally!
On our way back to San Francisco from Napa, we stopped in at the Berkeley Campus.  It’s  very gorgeous, old looking campus.  I have never ever seen so many frat houses in my entire life.  Very cool experience.  

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