Friday, 23 January 2015


NYE is never too exciting in our house and this years was no different. As is tradition for the last 4 years, we headed to Li Ao Sushi here in Bridlewood. Coincidentally, this was also the 4th one they have been open for. We love it there and one might say we are regulars. The staff know us pretty well. In fact, we ran into the owner at Sobeys and we chatted with him.
One of their specials that night was soft crab shell sushi that was toasted. It was pretty good. As always, we left with our bellies full. Oh and both girls can officially use chopsticks better then myself.

Once we got home, we got all of our festive beverages ready. Cheers!

Wishing everyone a happy new year

We couldn’t decide on a movie to watch so I randomly picked Jem + The Holograms. They loved it. I couldn’t believe how terrible the quality of the video was and how mean + violent it is. Hopefully they don’t pick up on any of it.

Netflix announced that there would be a kid friendly countdown. Not only was it mostly lame but it was impossible to find. After spending forever searching Netflix on our tv I gave up. Greg searched it on his iPad and found a link and added it to our list on there + then we were able to watch it on the tv. I thought maybe it was just us but there were TONS of the same complaints throughout social media. Hopefully if they do it next year they make it easier to find.
The girls were in bed around 830 and Greg + I spent the rest of the evening watching Community on Netflix. I did not stay awake until midnight which really is not that surprising but tragically I fell asleep at 11:55. So lame. I think that’s worse then going to bed at 9pm

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