Saturday, 21 December 2013

O' Christmas Tree

We almost didn’t get the “fun” tree up this year.  Greg brought it up from the basement and we realized the feet were missing.  Greg forgot to put them last year so we put them somewhere “safe”.  We couldn’t find them at all.  I looked everywhere I thought they might be with no luck so I went to walmart and bought a new one for $50.  It’s not as nice so I hope we find the legs after Christmas somewhere and sell this one or something.
Every Christmas, the girls get to pick out a new Christmas ornament.  This year Finley picked the one above and Penelope picked the one below.  It’s interesting because 6 months ago, neither knew who Lightning McQueen or Mater was and now Penelope is obsessed all because of the Mater ride in Disneyland.  Kids are cute that way.
The girls loved decorating the tree of course and since I was still sick, they hung up my special decorations for me.  

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