Tuesday, 15 December 2015

O Christmas Tree

We have 4 Christmas trees in our house: 2 little ones in the girls’ rooms, one in the bonus room and one in the family room on the main floor.  This year though, the main floor tree was our real tree and so I have a possibility of having a 5th Chrismas tree but so far I have yet to act on that.
The first tree we put up was the one in the bonus room since it was a fake tree.  This is the “fun” tree and consists of ornaments given to us, the ones the kids make and the ones they pick out each year.  Finley chose another Monster High ornament and Penelope wanted a shopkins one so Greg made her one.  She loves it. Basically everything on this tree are things that I don’t allow on our main floor tree.
This one is Penelope’s tree.  We bought the trees and the ornaments from Target last winter.  Oh how I miss Target.  This year Penelope added some of her shopkins to her tree.  If you look at the photo below you can get a better look at her added decorations.  Penelope has been very good with her tree and it has stayed in this spot since she put it up.  I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t surprised by this.
This is Finley’s tree and she decorated it with the same ornaments as last year.  She is not responsible at all with her tree.  I actually had to pick it up to properly photograph it.  It’s been all over room in every position and ornaments have been found under her bed and in her closet.  Finley is terrible with keeping her room clean so it’s  not too surprising that this happens.

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