Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Disneyland - ToonTown

Toon Town is located within Disneyland and is every little girl and boy’s dream – everything is all cartoony!!  And there is a good chance you will get to meet a few of those special Disney characters
This ride was so lame.  Thank goodness no ride for it!!
Where Mickey lives
Where Minnie lives
Where goofy lives
Daisy’s Diner – we got to meet every Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but her.  Finley thinks she was on vacation.  Why does she think that?  Well we had to prepare her just in case we didn’t get to meet one of her favorite princesses so we told her that we might not get to meet everybody as they may be on vacation like us!
Gadget’s Rollercoaster.  It was the only one that Penelope was allowed to ride and let me tell you she loves them.  She cannot wait until she is big enough so we can come back and she can rides lots of “roaster coasters” (her words not mine) Needless to say we rode this one a bunch of times all in a row!
Finley and Penelope loved Toon Town.  They loved meeting Mickey and Minnie and getting to go through their houses.  It was great to see them so excited!! While we were in Toon Town we stopped at a gift shop and bought a gift for one of their buddies.  I handed my credit card over and he asked us where we were from. I said Calgary and He replied with Home of the Flames.  No joke.  We were so surprised.  He even knew about all of the flooding and how the Dome had a lot of damage.  It was great meeting a hockey fan who was from California!

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