Monday, 28 January 2013

Old Lahaina Luau

On Monday night, we all headed to the Old Lahaina Luau.  It is the oldest Luau in Lahaina and possibly Maui but I can’t confirm that.  
We bought these new dresses for the girls to wear the Luau.  The lady said the Luau we were going to was the best one around.  This made us happy to hear this from a local!
Unfortunately, the opening of the Luau was delayed by an hour because it was raining so hard.  We ended up going across the street to the mall and bought a few things.  Finally it was time to head back to the Luau.
The pig buried and cooking.  Unfortunately because of the rain delay we didn’t get to see the pigs paraded to wherever it goes.
The food was great – although I wasn’t as brave as most when it came to what I picked.  But it was very delicious.
The stage.  The show was a history of the Luau.  It was really great, informative and captivating.  Finley loved it so much, she had a blast.  Her favorite dancers were the pink ones and the ones who shook their bums (she usually demonstrates)
Here are some photos:
Hang Loose Hawaii
Grandpa Don with the Hula girls.  We saw a coconut bra the next day and Finley giggled and said Grandpa Don likes these….it was pretty cute!!
Despite the rain and late start, the Luau was awesome.  I loved every minute of it and highly recommend it.  At the end, we got the most amazing banana bread to take home and it was the best breakfast ever on Tuesday morning.  Thanks to Grandpa Don for the fun night out!!!

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