Tuesday, 31 August 2010

On Our Own

So today was my first full day at home with both Finley and Penelope. Greg was able to be home since Penelope was born, but unfortunately he had to go back to work today. I am so grateful that he was able to be home with us for that long!

I didn’t have much planned today for a number of reasons: it wasn’t supposed to be very nice out, I am still sore where my incision is, and because I am pretty sure I won’t be able to handle 2 kids by myself in any sort of public situation – at least until my incision is much better. So we stayed in.

Both Finley and Penelope slept in until about 9am so that was really great. We all got up and I fed Penelope while Finley ate her breakfast that now consists of gluten free banana muffins and a banana along with a glass of milk. No she does not have any intolerances to gluten but I made them yesterday and I thought they were pretty gross but she seemed to enjoy them. I am just happy that she is eating breakfast and that they didn’t go to waste. Once breakfast was done, we all got changed into our outfits for the day and headed upstairs.

We played upstairs for awhile and once I got Penelope to sleep, Finley + I came downstairs where we made formula for Penelope, a loaf of gfree bread and cleaned up from breakfast. Finley also helped me do her laundry (my most dreaded chore) which was very much appreciated it. 

After we finished this, we went downstairs where we danced to The Doodlebops (Finley’s favourite tv show by far) and sang to “What’s Your Favorite Color” which Finley goes crazy over. Seriously when she watches the Doodlebops, it is like she is having seizures she gets so into it! We then did the Alligator Chop with Andy Samberg and the Yo Gabba Gabba crew. I really tried to get Finley to do the Chop but she wouldn’t co-operate!

After lunch, Finley & Penelope both had naps while I finished watching The Blindside (pretty good btw) and then it was time for Penelope’s doctor’s appointment. I was a little concerned about this as I had yet to drive our vehicle since my section and hadn’t carried Penelope’s car seat very far….actually I hadn’t carried it at all. But somehow it all worked out and I even got a parking spot near the door to the building…SCORE! Her carseat was heavy but I managed – although I am a little sore so I may have to break out the pain killers later tonight. Finley was also very well behaved while we were there. I was actually quite surprised. Finley seriously could’ve been the poster child for most behaved child in a doctor’s office. I was more then happy that she co-operated! 

Penelope now weighs 8 lbs and 8oz. Dr. N was very happy with her weight gain. I asked her about Penelope’s belly button as Greg was sure it was infected. It seemed fine to me until I undressed her to be weighed and there was crap oozing out of it. She said that her belly button looked very good and that this discharge was normal and told me what to look out for should it ever get infected. Was very relieved to hear this. As for bum, as I said yesterday there was no rash, it was just raw from Penelope pooping. She recommended using Desitin as it was the best on the market (which we already were) and then suggested letting her bum be uncovered a few times a day, making a paste out of water and baking soda to rub on there a few times a day or we could use an o/c hydrocortisone cream twice a day. Hopefully one of these will work! We go back to see Dr. Nkemdrin in 2 weeks.

Once home, we got ready to make supper. It was an easy meal of Spaghetti and some sauce. It was meatless since it is Meatless Monday. Finley loves spaghetti and had 3 bowls full of it. Her appetite certainly surprises me sometimes. 

Greg was home by then and I was happy to have some help even though I managed to survive. Greg and Finley are now outside harvesting everything that can be harvested as there is a frost warning here tonight. I can’t believe there is a frost warning!! I mean seriously, where did our summer go? Did we even have one? There are a few tomatoes not yet ready so they will have to be covered. Seriously depressing.

That leaves me with some quiet time as Penelope lays beside me napping in her bassinet…..

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