Monday, 17 December 2012

Once Upon A Christmas

Last weekend, we headed to Once Upon A Christmas at Heritage Park.  Despite talking about it every year, this was the first time we actually attended.  Greg got super cheap tickets from work so we got bundled up and headed out.
The Prince House all Christmasy
An old school refrigerator.  This is about the coolest thing I had ever seen.  I want one for decoration in my kitchen.  It is so awesome.
The Christmas Tree in the Prince House
My favorite part of the day – the model trains all set up in a Christmas village.
They were entranced by it all
Tried to explain to Finley that we went on this exact trolley while in San Francisco but she didn’t remember.
The Christmas tree in the school house
Washing their hands after the petting zoo
Doing the small maze all by their selves
The girls really enjoyed themselves and the weather was pretty nice.  The sun was shining for most of our time there.  I didn’t really enjoy it other than the model trains.  It’s not something that I would like to every year but every few years I think would be alright.  If you have not ever attended, then definitely check it out for the first time!

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