Friday, 10 August 2012

Oregon Coast 2012: Day 11-12

Hello Seattle!!  We spent most of our time here shopping as always :) .  Our first stop was REI (the american equivalent of MEC).  I have Marmot jackets that were purchased there.  One in 2009 and one that Greg got me for my birthday in 2010.  The jacket in 2010 had a tear on the arm and more tears were starting to form inside the jacket.  Greg took it back while I was shopping in the store and instantly returned it for me.  This tearing is a known problem in the precip jackets.  Great customer service!!  I replaced with another Marmot jacket but different then the previous 2 I owned.  It is pretty awesome.
From REI, we headed further into downtown Seattle.  We strolled along the Pier until we got to Pike’s Market.
The ferris wheel is a new addition to the waterfront.  Supremely popular
After Pike’s Market we did some shopping.  The best purchase of the day, if not the trip, was my very first Marc Jacob’s bag. It is beautiful.  I heart it :)
Finley on the merry go round.  She didn’t like it very much for some reason
The view from one of our favorite restaurants in Seatle: Ivar’s Acre of Clams.  I had a fabulous lobster tail, Greg had a WHOLE dungeness crab and the girls had chicken fingers.
Finley in her scuba mask
Penelope in hers.
After supper, we headed back to our vehicle where we dropped off our shopping purchases and changed into our Yankee gear before heading off to the Yankees/Mariners game.
Already to go!!
I forgot to buy her a Yankee shirt but she still wore blue and a Yankee clip in her hair.
Go Jeter!!
Arod up to bat.  We saw his hand get broken in the 8th or 9th inning.
Yankees ended up losing the game.  This made it the first time I had ever seen the home team win while in attendance.  Ichiro was traded to the Yankees the day before.  It was weird seeing him in pinstripes!
The next day, we headed to the Outlet Mall and various other malls.  Supreme purchases were made.  SUPREME!!!  We had lunch at Carl’s Jr and supper at PF Changs. All fantastic!!
Finley giving Kitty a bath before putting on Kitty’s new clothes.
We had a fabulous time shopping in Seattle.  Nobody left disappointed except maybe our bank account ;)

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