Thursday, 2 August 2012

Oregon Coast 2012: Day 4

On Day 4 of our vacation, we packed up our campsite at Crater Lake and headed off to California.  This would mark Penelope’s first time into the beautiful state.  We stopped in Grant’s Pass, OR to grab some breakfast from Carl Jr’s and did some grocery shopping for the next few days.  We discovered that it was against the law to pump your own gas in the state of Oregon and lots of gas stations in several states give cheaper gas if you pay with cash instead of credit.  I had woken up with severe sinus congestion and headache so I stocked up on some sudafed so i would get rid of it fast!!
When we crossed the state border from Oregon to California we encountered a border crossing.  Basically they ask you what you have for produce and more specifically if you have cherries.  It was very similar to the border crossing between the USA/Canada.
We drove through some pretty stunning trees on our way to Crescent City,CA and the Redwood National Forest.  We also discovered that there was a Starbucks in Crescent City.  Score!!  I got to have both a chai latte and check out the news on facebook thanks to WIFI.
Before heading into the forest, we stopped at Crescent Beach so Penelope could visit the ocean for the first time
A very large light house
It wasn’t the warmest of days but we certainly enjoyed it.  Seriously nothing like the smell of ocean to make you all happy :)

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