Thursday, 2 August 2012

Oregon Coast 2012: Day 4+5

On Day 4 after a break at Crescent Beach, we headed to the Jedidiah Smith State Park to see some Redwoods and for a short  hike!
The trees were so huge, so spectacular.  It was crazy.  The road we drove on through here varied in wideness based on the size of trees beside you since they no longer cut down the trees and instead work around them.
An interesting note that almost all of the parks, forests and memorials are named after famous loggers in the area that had land donated by their widows.  It was like after making millions of dollars destroying the Redwoods that they now wanted to protect them.  Kinda ironic.  I think it was a contest to see who could do the best job amongst the widowers.
We soon go to our hike and I came across this – Shakespeare certainly had it right on the money for this.
A knocked over tree – these roots were as large as our main floor living room
Greg hugging the tree to give an idea as to how tall and wide it was.  He looks like a smurf!!
I don’t understand how people can deface such amazing nature.  It makes me so sad.
This tree had some burn marks on it.  The bark on Redwoods is so thick that they live through most forest fires and lightning strikes
We soon headed back to our campsite which was the most luscious, green site we had ever camped at.  It was so beautiful.  Paradise compared to our site at Crater Lake.  I still wasn’t feeling well so I went to lay down once the tent was up and ready.  Greg and the girls played and ate supper.  Greg woke me up to see if I wanted to go watch the sunset on the ocean.  I didn’t really but am glad that I did!
It was a beautiful evening
Good bye Mr. Sun.  We soon headed back to our site and Greg got the girls ready to bed and I went to go have a shower.  I felt a gazillion percent better after having a shower.  
Day 5 started out nice at our campsite but as we drove along the ocean it was full of fog and mist
This is where we watched the sun set the night before.  What a difference 12 hours makes
We drove down the Pacific Coastal Scenic Drive to look at the ocean from various perspectives.  We came across a nice ocean walk so we decided to stop
It was a beautiful morning despite the clouds and the fog was mostly gone.  We were told that there were Whales in the area….
The girls watching daddy try to photograph the frolicking whales
This blurry photo is the best we have of the whales.  They were now away from the shore and playing by the large rock.  The splashing you see in the photo are the whales.  It was pretty surreal.
“Disguised to Protect”
During the second world war, this farmhouse was used a radar station for the Americans.
Greg insisted we stop at the Drive Thru Tree
The traverse going through it.  It did not make it but we had to try so that we could get a good photo.
The girls in the drive thru.
We then headed to the Cathedral Tree.  It is over 1500 years old, 300 feet tall and 20 feet wide.  It was incredible
The top of the tree
Me and the girls
We stopped at the Trees of Mystery and they had massive statues of Babe and Paul Bundy
Hello mr Bundy
All visitors guides in the area said to do the Yurok Trail.  I recommend that you do not.  It was so lame.  You got better views of the ocean from the parking lot but here are some photos
The fog was starting to come back
After the Yurok Trail we headed back into Crescent City to grab some Starbucks and to grab a few things from the local grocery store.  The girls were sleeping so it was better than going back to the site and having them wake up.  Plus the thought of Starbucks was so nice :)
A nice campfire to keep us warm and roast us some marshmallows
Finley loves the idea of roasted marshmallows but prefers them only when they are slightly warm.  Silly girl.
This ended our time in California.  In the morning it was time to head back up the Oregon Coast.

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