Thursday, 2 August 2012

Oregon Coast 2012: Day 6

Day 6 brought us again more fog and mist along the coastal drive so we didn’t get to see a whole lot after leaving our campsite.  Our first stop was at House Rock View but we didn’t even get out since we knew it would be pointless.
We stopped at Whalehead Beach and since it seemed to be visible we decided to get out and walk along the beach.
Apparently these rocks look like heads of whales.  I don’t see anything this time.
This is the longest or tallest bridge in Oregon (can’t remember which).  Oregon has ALOT of bridges.  It took 2 years to build and cost over $600,000 so it is basically as expensive as the Peace Bridge in Calgary based on the times they were built.
Gold Beach.  We had lunch at Sunset Pizza.  It was not very good.
We stopped at both the Natural Bridges Cove and the Arch Rock Viewpoint but again the fog was so dense we couldn’t see much.  If you want to see how beautiful they can be, google them.  They are pretty cool in non foggy weather.
Cape Blanco Light House.  Greg and I toured it while the girls stayed at the bottom with the worker lady.  Penelope can’t walk the stairs on her own so she wasn’t allowed and Finley wouldn’t climb the ladder to get to the very top.
Penelope hanging out
The girls doing vintage puzzles at the lighthouse
At our campsite outside Coos Bay – They look so cute here!!
Face Rock which is a rock that looks like a face.  This time I could see it though.  Greg didn’t quite see it though.  You can’t really tell in this photo but you can see the profile of a human face here.
After supper at our campsite we headed over to Simpson Reef.  We missed 2 whales here by mere minutes.  I was so disappointed.
But we did accidentally come across some Sea Lions in their natural habitat.  I loved hearing them “ark”
Harbor Seals – super cool
getting ready to roast some marshmallows!!  It soon started to rain and we got  hit with an epic storm that lasted well into the middle of the night.
A great end to our 6th day of vacation!!  We loved the Oregon Coast despite the mist

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