Friday, 10 August 2012

Oregon Coast 2012: Mt. Ranier + Spokane

On our last day in Mt. Rainier we woke up to clear blue sky!!  We had breakfast, packed up the campsite and headed over to Paradise to hike the Nisqually Glacier and catch a glimpse of Mt. Rainier.
Getting ready to go hiking
There was SNOW
Lots and lots of snow!!!
And we all wore sandals because it was an easy mile and a half hike.  Silly, silly us.
Almost an entire half of the hike was like this.  My toes went numb.
But it was worth it – The Nisqually Glacier was awesome
Mt. Rainier is home to some of the most fragrant flowers in the world. I loved it!!
Just as we finished our hike and headed back to our car, the clouds were starting to set back in.  Thank goodness we got an early start!!
We had intended to stay another night in Mt. Rainier but we were leary of the 13 hour drive back  home the next day.  So after our hike, we headed towards Spokane where we would stay over night.  This made our drive 5 hours today and 8 the next.  Much more manageable with the girls.
After checking into our hotel room, we headed to Stacks at the Steam Plant. It was a restaurant at the steam plant.  The food was fantastic.  I had coconut crusted halibut with a wasabi rice cake.  Delish!!
The restaurant was super cool and Greg was like a kid at disney world for the first time.  This is what he does every day at work.  Apparently before we left for vacation he did work on a modernized one of these or something like that.
After supper we headed back to the hotel where we went swimming in the pool.  It was 93 degrees F in the atrium that held the pool.  It was stifling hot.  Stifling!!  The regular pool was as warm as the hot tub!
Refusing to go in the water
Going back to the hotel room.  We left early the next morning after a quick stop at one last Target (oh how i love thee target).  We were all happy to get back home!!!

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