Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Outdoor Soccer

Finley started soccer this past Saturday.  It runs every Saturday from 930-1030 in various parks/schools around Bridlewood/Evergreen/Silverado + Shawnessy.  The first 30 minutes is spent “practicing” and the second half is spent “playing”.  I use quotation marks because it’s loosely what they are doing.
Getting ready to start practice.  Finley is number 42 and is on the Space Rangers.  Penelope also wanted to practice.
Finley startin
Kicking the ball around the field in practice.
Penelope watching with pure envy as her sister was on the field and she wasn’t.
Lots of tears were shed.
Lots.  It was tough on Penelope that’s for sure.  I thought of putting her in the stroller but I am not sure if that would have helped.  I am not sure what I will do this coming weekend, although if this weather keeps up I doubt there will be much soccer to play.
Still practicing.  Finley loved to kick the ball around and run through all the pylons and stuff.  
After a snack break, it was time for a real game to take place.  She didn’t know what to do so this is Greg above trying to explain what it was she needed to do.
Looking back at us with both caution, fear and excitement I am sure
This photo looks to say that Finley was having so much fun, but in truth it didn’t last too long.  
The kids weren’t sure what to do….
After some encouragement she got back out again but half way through the game, she was done and so were most of the kids on our team.  
Soccer is a tough game to teach kids because it goes against everything that you teach your child at this age.  You want your child to share and not to intentionally take something away from their siblings or another child but soccer is the opposite.  The object of soccer is to steal the ball away from the other player/team and then score.  Finley had a hard time taking the ball away from the other kids and it’s hard to say if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Either or depending on how you approach it. We had planned to practice with Finley this week in the backyard taking the ball away from her and having her steal it back but unfortunately the rain we’ve had has prevented this.  
Thankfully other kids her age have/are going through the same problems so I don’t feel quite so bad about her not liking all of it.  Hopefully she is better next game.  We’ll keep you posted :)

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