Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pedalheads Bike Camp

Last week Finley went to Pedalheads Bike Camp to learn how to ride a bike.  It was HIGHLY recommended by pretty much anybody who has ever used it.  I wish I would have heard of it and put Finley in it last summer!!  They are so AWESOME!!
Finley on her way to bike camp.  It was just in shawnessy at the community skating rink so it was literally 5 minutes from our house – so convenient.  Although you can’t see, she has her training wheels on.  When I picked her up, her instructor asked me to take them off tonight because she was ready to go without.  I was SHOCKED.  Finley hated her bike only a few weeks prior.  And it was because in the spring she fell of it and landed in a huge puddle of mud and was not happy.  She freaked out and not because she was hurt.  
This was Day 3 – no training wheels, no help to get going from her instructor.  She was just so proud of herself.  In fact, when we got in the car after I picked her up, she was like “I just can’t believe it Mom, I really can’t”.  It was so cute.  She couldn’t wait to show her daddy when he got home from work.  Although Greg was excited that she could ride without training wheels, he felt a little guilty that we contracted out teaching our child how to ride a bike.  
Her last day of bike camp! Her instructor was worried she would be bored because she was so far ahead of the other kids in her group but she still loved riding around and they got her working on her hand signals, turning directions on her bike and trying to use her brakes.  She did really well at using her breaks which is great because she was consistently using the tips of her toes.
Doing her turns.  She passed camp with flying colours and can go onto Level 2, which we will probably do next summer.  
We now go for bike rides nearly every day.  I have been walking with them but as soon as my knee is better, I will have to take my bike or run.  They are so far ahead of me!  Finley also really improved with her steering and now has no problems riding on the sidewalk.  Although if you ask her, she still prefers the wide sidewalks in the above photo then below.
Although I had reservations on whether or not Finley would be successful at Pedalheads, I was quickly proven wrong.  It is a fantastic program that has great instructors who are clearly good at what they do. Each day was a themed day and they got t-shirts, had face painting, got to go on bike ramps and had western day.  Finley really enjoyed it.  So as you can probably guess, I highly recommend Pedalheads and the great thing is that they have locations all over Calgary and Edmonton and I think also in BC so you have lots of options!

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