Saturday, 18 September 2010

Penelope 1 Month

I can’t believe it has already been a month since little Penelope Grier made her much anticipated entrance into our lives. It has definitely been a month of adjustments for everybody but we are doing well!

It has been a busy first month as Penelope has met several members of each of our families. She has stolen the heart of each person she meets!

Here are some interesting tidbits about Miss Penelope:

**She is keeping her eyes open much more these days. I don’t think she opened her eyes once in her first week of life.

**Her neck is getting stronger and she loves trying to keep her head up while looking around her surroundings!

**She loves to be swaddled just like her big sister Finley did 

**She hates my sling. Finley loved my sling and I had hoped that Penelope would too. Unfortunately, she has screamed bloody murder every time I attempt to put her in it. She apparently does not care how easy it would be if she would just co-operate and enjoy it…haha

**Unlike Finley, Penelope LOVES bath time. This is such a treat because Finley was a nightmare to bath for most of her first 18 months and the last 5 have been hit + miss. Penelope even kinda smiles when we put her in her baby tub!!

**She loves to be held and loves sleeping on you. 

**She loves her big sister. She is always looking at Finley, grabbing for her hand and giving her kisses (with my help of course)…Finley usually reciprocates and only tries to kill her every other hour…just kidding….kinda….

**She loves bouncing whether it’s in your arms, as your squatting or on a exercise ball – she LOVES it. Finley hated bouncing so I am hoping that our Baby Einstein Jumperoo will actually get some use out of it this time round….

**Up until about 3 days ago, Penelope was a pooping machine. She literally pooped in every diaper she was in. Her first day in the hospital she pooped 6x and had pooped a grand total of 15 times in the 55 hours we were there. The staff were more then impressed with her pooping abilities. Unfortunately, because she pooped all the time, her poor little bum was super raw. Our Doctor recommended a homemade paste of water and baking soda which helped for a day or two but then it came back. She now has a special prescription cream which is applied 2x a day to help it get better. This combined with her regulated poop schedule seems to be working….but only time will tell.

**She hates routine. Finley was all about the routine. Penelope eats when she wants, sleeps when she wants and doesn’t care if it is every 2 hours or every 6 hours. She is much more stubborn as a baby then Finley was that is for sure!

**She enjoys to sleep and has been sleeping anywhere from 4 – 8 hours each night…yes 8 hours – I almost peed my pants when I saw that she had been asleep for that long! Both her and Finley take after their daddy when it comes to sleep! Unfortunately, she doesn’t sleep as soundly as Finley did but I will take what I can get.

**As of Wednesday she weights 9 lbs, 5oz. I have no idea where all this weight is because when you look at her, she is much more petite then Finley ever was. All her features are tiny compared to what Finley’s were at the same age. She is so tiny that are re-usable diapers still don’t fit her properly because her waist and legs are so tiny. Finley was 10 days old when she moved from disposable to cloth.

I haven’t taken her official “1 Month” photo yet like I did each month for Finley’s first year as we are actually off to visit some family for the weekend so I will do that when we get back Sunday night or sometime on Monday. I will post when I do. In the meantime, here are some photos taken of Penelope during this week….

 Penelope laughing and smiling 

Iggy protecting Penelope…he will like her until she starts moving and tormenting him – just like Finley did!
One of the sweetest moments of my week…..Finley loves Penelope so much sometimes!
Are you ready for some football? This also is a super sweet photo! GO RIDERS!

Looking a little upset – probably because the Riders had just been humiliated by the Bombers in the Banjo Bowl

Another one of Penelope smiling….
Below is one of my most favourite photos of the girls to date. Just look at Penelope’s face as she looks at her big sister. How wonderful is that?

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