Saturday, 18 June 2011

Penelope 10 Months

Dear Penelope,
I am writing this 2 days before your actual 10 month birthday.  I am doing this because we are headed off to Waterton National Park tomorrow morning and won’t be around a computer to do this Saturday morning.  I cannot believe that soon you will become a lil toddler instead of my sweet baby girl.  We are still undecided on your nickname so you are sometimes called any of the following: Penelope. Penn, Pippi, Pippa and of course your sister’s favourite Sisi.
Your month started out rough as you contracted some kind of crazy virus that caused you to  have your first hospital visit in Drumheller of all places.  It started on your 9 month birthday but we thought you were better by the time we were on our journey and turns out we were right.  Despite vomiting 2x in Drumheller it wasn’t because you were still sick but because you were so hungry and were eating so fast.  It was a relief to know that it wasn’t too serious.  Oddly enough you never threw up after we left the hospital and were almost back to normal the next day.
You are definitely a fruit monster just like your big sister.  Your favourite fruit it raspberries at the moment – even the bitter ones.  You also love strawberries, bananas, peaches and pears but you no longer will eat steamed apples.  You also love yogurt and would eat a whole container if we let you.  You also eat most vegetables in fact, there isn’t too much that you won’t eat.
You just had your first grilled cheese ever earlier this week and you loved it.  I cut it into 8 squares so you could hold it and feed it to yourself without any problems and you did such a great job of it! 
You took your first trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller with Aunty Kristy.  We met Grandma Toot shortly after.  You slept through most of it since you were not feeling well but Grandma Toot bought you the softest dinosaur ever.  You love it very much and it goes most places with you.  We think that this may be your version of Finley’s Kitty.  Although you have a stuffed giraffe that you also love.
After we left we drove to RD where our family was gathered from AB + SK for your cousin Madi’s early 11th birthday party.  You were definitely spoiled more than usual because you were under the weather!
You love playing with your fisher price 2 in 1  house that we found at a garage sale earlier this month.  You are doing more and more with it and developing so many different skills.  You love how it sings and talks to you when you touch and do certain things.  Your sister hated sharing it with you but is getting so much better. 
You love playing with these dumbbell like rattles.  Those are your favourite hand held toys and we take them everywhere which makes you happy.  You sit and shake them while Finley is at Giggle Toes and all the other little girls just love them.  A little boy a slight bit older than you sometimes steals them but you don’t mind at all.  You are a good sharer.
You are now 100% on sippy cups and no longer with the transitional nipple on it.  It has a full fledged sippy cup thingy on it.  I still have the bottles and such but they are in a bag stowed away just in case something happens and you won’t drink your sippy cup.  You are drinking about 3 bottles a day each about 9oz.  You have had a few that were half formula and half milk and you loved it.  Maybe next week you will have a full on milk cup.  You still have trouble drinking by yourself sitting up and usually do it while laying down.  We are really working on getting you able to do this!
You love to stand and hang on to things.  You won’t walk if I hold your hand but you will gladly stand.  You still are not crawling but you are impressively fast at dragging yourself around which leads me to believe that you may not actually crawl but go from dragging to walking.  You get into crawling position and rock like crazy but don’t actually move.
You still love your bouncer and jump like crazy in it.  You are on the 3rd to last notch but I think that once you start walking you will have no need for it anyways. 
You are super ticklish and love to be tickled.  You love to pull hair – especially your sister’s when she is sitting in the cart.  You bit my nose this morning and made me cry.  Don’t worry it didn’t last long.  I was surprised how much it hurt considering you still only have 2 teeth!  I keep thinking more will come through but I can’t feel any!!
The hockey season ended last night with the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup.  They were who we were cheering for so that is great news.  Some bad things happened in Vancouver after the game but they were not hockey fans so don’t feel bad for being one.  They were just a bunch of idiots trying to be cool.  Vancouver is a beautiful city and I cannot wait to take you there to see for yourself. 
With hockey over, we now change our focus to football season.  The Riders have their first preseason game on Saturday and we will be rooting for them from Waterton.  A friendly reminder to you that they are who you cheer for despite being born and raised in Calgary.  You most likely will be attending your first Rider game on October 1st when the Riders are in town to play the Stamps. 
You are an amazingly happy baby.  You only ever cry when you are tired, hungry or Finley wakes you up.  You are a tough cookie and are always smiling and laughing.  You laugh so much and so hard that you are consistently giving yourslf the hiccups.  You have some of the funniest facial expressions that I have ever seen and you do things with your lips that I just love.  Unfortunately I have never captured a photo of this.  I hope one day I will although I doubt I will forget such beautiful sights.
You are getting so much more into “bigger” toys much to Finley’s dismay.  She was really upset when you played her piano but she seemed to get over it pretty quickly.  She is starting to share with you more and more each day.  She loves to hold your hand, kiss you good night and greet you happily in the morning.  She also is guilty of going into your room while you are sleeping and waking you up which makes you scream fairly loudly.  Most times you will fall back asleep.  You are sleeping very well and go to  bed around 8 and sleep until usually around 7.  Some days are later, some are earlier but it’s nothing too bad.  You still nap 2x a day but I am starting to see that the morning nap will soon be non-existent which kinda makes me sad.
We embarked on your first camping trip ever to Banff National Park 2 weeks ago and as people read this, we are currently on your second in Waterton.  You were a better camper your first time round then Finley has ever been in her life.  You stayed in your sleeping bag the whole night and went straight to sleep each night.  We are hoping you can teach your big sister a thing or two about that.  We hiked up Tunnel Mountain + Johnston Canyon and you were asleep both times before we hit the top.  You love being in your ergo carrier and can sleep so soundly in it.  I hope you have a great time this weekend as well!
You are talking more and love to be loud.  I think you know you have to be loud so that you can garner some attention that your sister always seems to get.  You like to bang things, shake things – anything to make noise and it’s not because your mad but because you just want to be noticed.  Finley is teaching you to high five and sometimes you clap your hands.  You love to shake your head “no” – probably something you got from both your sister and myself. 
It’s been another wonderful month of seeing you grow and develop so many more skills and characteristics.  You are getting so much bigger every day that it sometimes makes me sad – especially when I see other tiny babies or look at your baby photos but regardless of your age you will always be my baby.
Love you Sweet Pea,

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