Thursday, 18 November 2010

Penelope 3 Months

Today is Penelope’s 3 month birthday.  So much has happened:
She was diagnosed with plagiocephaly so she needs to do a tonne of tummy time.  Here she is doing tummy time in her Rider shirt as it was her first Rider playoff time.  She is much better luck then Finley because the Riders beat the Lions.  The Lions beat the Riders for her first Rider play off game.
Penelope made the transition to her crib.  It was a nice transition and she seems to be loving her crib.  She wakes up and just smiles in her crib oohing until you come get her.  She is just like Finley was at her age!  She is averaging about 12 hours per night.  I know I am as lucky with her as I was with Finley.  I thank God everyday.
All of Penelope’s crib toys have to be on the left side which means her mobile is actually outside her crib.  She loves this mobile although it was cheap and Finley kinda destroyed it and I am not sure it’s gonna last much longer.  Penelope is pretty good about looking left and not waking up when I go check on her + have to move her head the other way.
 As you will see, Penelope has blood on her clothes. I had been to scared to cut her nails but she cut her head with one so I figured I better do it before it gets worse.  Well I did the first 3 fingers no problem but cut her on the 4th.  If you look closely you can see a band aid on her finger.  She didn’t cry at all + the blood didn’t even seem to bother her at all.  It looks much worse then what it was.  Needless to say, her other hand + 5th finger have not been cut.
She rarely gets to lay on her back because of her flat head but a few times a day I do let her because she so very much enjoys it.  Here is she wearing some beaded necklace that Finley put on her.  Not too sure if Finley was trying to strangle or just being nice.  It’s a fine line sometimes.
This photo was taken this morning on her 3 month birthday.  I actually had to wake her up so I could feed her and get her ready to go see Dr.Bernhardt.
The appointment with Dr B. went really well.  She is 24inches long and weighs in at 13 pounds, 10 ounces.  She has a stork bite on the back of her head but he told me not to be concerned with it.  I didn’t notice it before and to be honest, what is a stork bite?
Dr. Bernhardt wasn’t too concerned with her flat head.  He didn’t even notice it at first but then soon did.  He just said what everybody else was telling me: lots of tummy time and back time with head looking left.  He said we would re-evaluate it at her 6 month check up in February.
That’s Penn’s month in a nutshell.  I typically hate nicknames but am trying to see if I can do it for Penelope.  It’s a mouthful to say + type and want something shorter.  Greg is all about Penn but I kinda like Penny.  Perhaps she can decide one day.

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