Friday, 18 March 2011

Penelope 7 Months!

Dear Poppy,
That’s what I like to call you.  Your daddy doesn’t like it very much.  He prefers to call you Squeaks or Penelopoop.  Your big sister likes to call you P or B, Poppy, Puppy, Baby or Babe.  Regardless, we are just happy you have blessed our lives Miss Penelope Grier!
So much has happened since our last letter to you!!  Here are some of your milestones and activities!
You cut two teeth!  Yes, two teeth!  And they are just a popping up so fast.  The first tooth came in on February 20th and the second one came up a few days later.  You are so cute with your little stubs for teeth. 
You are a roller.  You can boogie all around the bonus room floor and at lightning speed.  You can move from your Baby Einstein mat to the couches or your sister in mere seconds.  Sometimes I just turn my head for a second and you are not where I last saw. 
You are able to get onto your knees so I am so sure that you will be crawling soon.  Your sister didn’t crawl until she was almost 10 months so this is so exciting for us.  Of course, that means that we are gonna have to do something with the gate blocking the bonus room, where we spend most of our time, to the stairs as Finley has busted it and it is no longer safe for a lil baby like you! 
You are a squeaker.  A very loud squeaker.  Sometimes I have no idea if you are happy or dying.  There is no difference.  People stop me in the grocery and say you are angry and I am like you are smiling, you are happy.  You like to be heard.  You come by it honestly…..hahaha
You are such a happy baby!  The only time you cry is when you are hungry or if your diaper is poopy. You like to eat and you like to have a clean diaper.  We can’t blame you for this.  You are the happiest both after you eat and once you wake up from your nap.  You always greet us with a smile when we get you from your crib.  Finley is also so happy to see you.  Sometimes she even wakes you up so she can make you laugh or smile.  She just continues to love you so much every single day.
You continue to love your Baby Einstein Mat.  Your favourite toy attached to it is the sunshine with the rattle below it.  I suspect that it is your favourite because it is the only one Finley allows you to keep attached to the mat.  She doesn’t like to share and tends to take your toys away. We try to stop her but you seem to be happy with what you have and are even content with nothing at all.  You don’t have much interest in all the teething toys that were a must-have with your sister but we have seen it grow with Sophie and a few others that were also favourites of hers.
You are able to hold your own bottle.  We are so happy about this.  It took you  alot longer then it did your sister and sometimes you still want us to feed you but we are still happy that you can do it on your own if you choose!
You have outgrown your first gro-bag and just like your sister, you were able to stay in it until 6 months despite the 0 – 3 month size.  You are now in the 12 month one I believe and you love it because there is so much freedom for you to kick your legs.  Because you can kick your legs, you can kick your legs and move yourself all around your crib.  You continue to need to sleep with your glow-worm, thing-a-ma-jig and your fisher price aquarium.  You have the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime – no matter what.  You have proven this by doing so in your highchair after lunch + at Madi’s basketball game in my arms.  You seem to love your morning nap despite the fact that you refused to do it until recently!  You are sleeping about 12 hours every night and go down for a 2  hour nap in the morning and a 3 hour nap in the afternoon!
You have tried so much new food!  You still hate mashed potatoes and broccoli but love chicken and rice.  You even enjoyed pureed steak.  It made me want to vomit but made you smile.  So weird.  Your sister wouldn’t eat it until she was almost a year old!  Your favourites continue to be apples, carrots, squash, peas, sweet potatoes.  Your still eating rice cereal but we have also started making our own oatmeal for you.  Daddy tried it first with you and he said you didn’t really like it.  But it turns out he didn’t blend it for you and once he did that, you were content with it.  Turns out mommy does know everything… ;)
You want to see Madi play basketball for the first time as well as Tanner play hockey.  They both played exceptionally well – they so wanted to show off for you and Finley.  Tanner had 2 goals and Madi had lots of points in her tournament. 
You celebrated your first St. Patrick’s Day. We, well Finley + I, had green pancakes for breakfast.  I tried to form them into shamrocks but was unsuccessful.  Next year, I will try to find a cookie cutter to do a better job.  We also had Shepherd’s Pie because it is a traditional Irish dish but I topped it with green mashed potatoes!  It was exciting.  I blended up some for you! 
Your Grandma Gail is coming to visit tonight and we are having dinner with her and Uncle Brad tomorrow night.  You got to visit with Aunty Faye, Aunty Leslie, Uncle Doug + Cousin Cameron while Daddy + I froze to death watching the Calgary Flames Alumni play.  We celebrated Family Day by going to the zoo with Grandpa Don, Grandma Jen + Uncle Brad.  You got to celebrate Daddy + Grandma Jen’s Birthdays by going to the Broken Plate with them as well as Grandpa Don, Uncle Brad + Frunkl Jack.  You were so very well behaved and looked so cute with a new outfit from Christmas on.   We also had a nice visit with your Great Uncle Warren, Great Aunty Linda + cousin Eric as they drove through Calgary on their way home to Unity from a ski trip in BC. 
So as you can see, you had a very busy month!  I know next month will be just as busy so we will talk again then!

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