Monday, 18 April 2011

Penelope 8 Months

Dear Penelope,
This has been an otherwise quiet month in terms of accomplishments + milestones but another great month just the same.
On April 1st, you sat by yourself on the floor before heading to Frunkl Jack’s house.  Your smile was so big and you seemed so very proud.  You have done a face plant and fallen backwards a few times but you seem to enjoy it when you are put in that position. 
You have lost all interest in your beloved Baby Einstein Seek + Discovery Mat just as your big sister did as soon she started boogying around the floor.  You now love this rock n roll toy by Fisher Price.  I have no idea what the official name is but you love it as much as Finley did.
We know have to child proof again as we kinda fell of the child proof wagon as your sister got bigger and didn’t need it.  You tend to eat everything off the floor and even had  your first bit of Salt N Vinegar Chips which you enjoyed.  You truly are your mother’s daughter. Haha.
You are still not big into toys and do not chew your Sophie to death like your sister.  In fact, your Sophie has been at your buddies Oliver + Hugh’s place and we didn’t even miss it. Finley would have been dying by now.  You don’t seem to have a favourite toy to chew on or play with and are somewhat content with whatever we put in front of you.
You still have just your bottom 2 teeth but I seem to think the top 2 will be popping through anyday now.  At least I hope so.  You are the drooling queen, you have rosy cheeks, you are highly irritable and you are not eating like you used to.  Thankfully, you are still a rockstar sleeper with the only exception being last Friday afternoon. 
You have finally figured out how to eat puffed wheat and cheerios on your own and you LOVE them.  They seem to keep you full when you refuse to drink your bottle or eat your meals.  You and your sister will eat them for hours.  We find it funny that Finley wouldn’t eat a cheerio or puffed wheat until you started.  Finley has hated puffed wheat forever and barely tolerated cheerios.  She was a big numnum’s lover which you don’t seem to care for.
You had your first visit to the Easter Bunny on the weekend.  You were indifferent to the whole thing and probably had no idea what was going on.  If you are anything like your sister than you will be the child who cries when they have to leave the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus not when they are forced to see them.  Which you will soon learn is quite normal.  Mommy will post this photo on Easter Sunday for all to see.
We headed down to the Stampede Grounds for Aggie Days last weekend.  You did not like it at all and pretty much cried the whole time.  It was really busy and to be fair there wasn’t much room for us folks with a stroller.  Next year I am sure you will love the animals and again if you are like your sister, a stroller will be a distant memory for us. 
You are still napping twice a day.  You sleep for an hour or two in the morning and about 3 hours in the afternoon.  You go to bed at around 8pm and tend to sleep right through until anywhere between 6 + 730 but most mornings it is around 7 which is ok by me.  You go to sleep easily as long as you are in your grobag and have your gloworm.  If either is missing it takes forever to get you happy enough to fall asleep.  Your sister was the exact same way. 
You still go banana’s on your Musical Jumper.  It has been raised a few levels so you can jump even higher much to your delite.  Finley loves to jump with you which causes you both to go into fits of laughter which is pure music to our ears.  I am so grateful that you love the jumper as it keeps you happy + occupied while baking or cooking or cleaning and that is awesome!!!
You still love to have baths but you hate the before and after part of it.  Mostly because you are cold.  You like to be wrapped in a towel and cuddled to get warm before getting dressed.  Your sister loves to help with this.
You are insanely ticklish.  You love getting tickled by your sister and daddy.  You laugh and giggle so much, it is just hilarious!  But like Finley and your daddy, you have the ability to turn it off just like that and get really mad if you get tickled and not in the mood.  I really wish I had this ability.
We have switched your from your bucket seat into a rear facing carseat.  You seem to love it very much.  You are slowly getting used to being in the toddler seat for your stroller.  It took awhile before you were happy but now you love it!
I am so proud of all your accomplishments!  I can’t believe how fast you are growing + reaching milestones.  It definitely goes by so much faster with second babies.  Soon you will be crawling and standing because you are thisclose now. 
Until next month my beautiful baby girl…
love mommy

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