Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Penelope 9 Months

Dear Penelope,
Before I start on my usual letter I must first apologize to you for last night.  You see when you woke up crying shortly after you went to bed, I just assumed it was your darn teeth bothering you.  It wasn’t unusual for you to wake up, cry and then go back to sleep or even just cry while you were sleeping.  The crying only lasted a few minutes before you were quiet again.  It was when I checked on you about an hour later that I realized why you were crying.  I feel so terrible that I found you sleeping in your own vomit.  Your sleeper, sheets + blanket were soiled and you had vomit on your face and in your hair.  You looked pretty cute though.  I don’t know why you didn’t move to the other end of your crib though.  You seemed startled when I woke you up and after I cleaned + changed you were very happy.  You smiled and laughed while I changed the bedding and were happily rocked for a few moments before laying back down in your crib.  You went right back to sleep.  The guilt was overwhelming but I am glad to see that you seem to be fine this morning!
So you are 9 months!  I can’t believe it.  I was just looking at your photos from the hospital and I am just shocked at what you once were and who you are now.  You are a happy, loving baby who loves to smile and giggle.  You are very ticklish just like the rest of us.  You are still known by most as Penelope and I assume that’s what you will be until you decide what you’d like to be called.  I have tried so many nicknames and I still fallback to calling you Penelope.  Daddy calls you Penelopoop and Penn while Finley calls you Sisi, Pippy, Pippa, Poppy, Puppy and some weird version of Penelope that I can’t figure out how to spell.
You love the nice weather and playing outside.  You are getting used to both your hats and your glasses but would definitely prefer neither if I let you.  You like sitting on the grass but laying not so much.  I suspect that this is because you haven’t figured out how to get around in the grass!
 You love being on the swing.  You can sit in it forever as long as it is moving.  You start to kick your legs when it stops.  This is a signal to quit whatever we are doing and push you.  Finley loves to push you although sometimes you kick her in the  head.
You still have not figured out how to crawl.  You get in crawling position and just rock back and forth.  The rocking is getting longer but still no crawling.  You are super fast at getting around by doing an army crawl.  You can boogie everywhere.  I am looking forward when you can walk but crawling would be a nice start!
You are starting to use the transition sippy cup from NUBY quite regularly.  We went from once every few days to once every day and yesterday all 3 bottles were from the sippy cup.  This is my favorite sippy cup as it has 3 different sippy things to get you from the bottle to the sippy cup.  We have two styles of this sippy cup and this is your favorite.  For some reason, you will only drink from the other one occasionally.
You are eating very well.  You can officially start on dairy today although I accidentally gave you dairy on 2 occasions last month.  I had forgotten about the cheese in the risotto and milk in the chicken but you were fine after eating it.  The last 3 mornings you have enjoyed cheerios with real milk for breakfast.  Today you will get yogurt after lunch.  Finley loves yogurt so I am sure you will too.  You are eating chopped up fruits and veggies.  You eat the baby food already made for lunch and for the most part eat what we eat for supper.  This has become a bit of a challenge for me because now we eat at the same time which makes for a much longer supper!
You absolutely love your big sister and she loves you right back.  She loves getting your diaper, your sippy cups, feeding you, stealing  your shoes, and getting toys for you.  She kisses you goodnight when  you go down for naps and before bed.  She always night night to you right after each kiss.  She is so excited to see you when you get home and sometimes runs right to your room as soon as she hears you are awake.  She loves playing with you although she does not like it when you touch certain toys or blankets and definitely does not like it when you pinch or pull her hair.  Yes, you do do that.  A lot. 
You are such a happy girl.  You are rarely ever grouchy.  Even when you miss your morning nap,  you are still very happy!  You have the cutest smile although I am not going to lie, you sometimes remind me of Hatchetface in some photos.  For those who don’t know who Hatchetface is, she is one of the ladies in Cry Baby with Johnny Depp.  I don’t mean this as an insult to you my beautiful girl, I really think it makes you look  pretty darn sweet!  You have beautiful chubby cheeks that people just want to squeeze.  You are just a darling little girl!
You still nap 2x a day for a total of 4 – 5 hours.  You go to bed between 730 +8pm and will wake up anywhere from 630 – 8 although average time is around 7am.  It’s been a struggle to get you asleep during naps and stay sleeping since both the zippers on your 2 grobags have broken.  Daddy said that they cannot be fixed.  I have looked on kijiji and have found nothing.  Not even anything on ebay.  The next one up we have is way too big for you.  Looks like we will have to get you one soon!
You still are loving your jumper and we now have it moved it to the 4th notch.  I am happy you are still enjoying it as it helps keep you contained when I am getting meals ready.  Your sister sometimes will bounce with or steal the toys off of it.  Now that you can sit without any assistance you love to sit and play with toys .  You definitely love the Lamaze Octupus which doesn’t surprise me since Finley never had interest in it.  I find it fascinating that your favourites are her least favourites and vice versa.  You also love your giraffe that has all kind of fun things for you to play and all those baby einstein + bright start rings that Finley and I put all together for you.  You love to make noise with toys.  If your toys don’t make noise you will bang them on the hardwood to get them to.  You will take Finley’s beaded necklaces and throw them repeatedly on the ground to get noise out of them and when you are bored of that you screech happy screeches.
You still love to suck your thumb although I think it is getting less and less.  Or maybe that’s just what I am hoping!  You starting to not enjoy bathtime but I am hoping that now you can sit on your own maybe a bath with your big sister will be fun!  You are starting to hold  your hands out to be picked up and I have been trying to teach you high fives and clapping.  You are getting there slowly but surely!  Finley is very excited to do high fives with her!
So that my dear Penelope is month 9 of your life.  Next month proves to be even more exciting with some big visits with some family, a trip to Edmonton, camping + father’s day!  And hopefully some crawling!!!
Love you my sweet little girl,

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