Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Penelope is 5 Months!

Wearing Finley’s old Burberry shirt.  I love this shirt.  I can’t believe it fits already!
 Today marks five months from the day Penelope was born. Sometimes it seems like it was yesterday, and others feel like its been a lot longer than 5 months!
The last month has been a pretty big one!  We traveled back to Saskatchewan for Christmas where we had 5 different family celebrations and she got to meet the majority of all her family which was pretty awesome.  headed to Red Deer to bring in the New Year with Jimmy, Nancy, Madi + Tanner and of course us, Finley + her Aunty Kristy who was visiting from Saskatoon.  We all had a great time!
Penelope attended her first Calgary Roughnecks game and had a blast!  She was so well behaved, and was mesmerized by all the noise and people and the game itself!  With the absolute frigid weather, we haven’t been able to get out much at all.  -15 doesn’t seem cold but it is for 2 kids and a mom trying to get from car to building by herself!
Penelope can roll from her back to her stomach but not vice versa although Greg said he saw her do it once.  She is quite happy on her stomach but when she is done being on her tummy she definitely will let you know!  Yesterday, when she was napping she flipped herself over to her stomach and went insane.  She likes being on her stomach for awhile but doesn’t like waking up that way!  She likes tummy time much more if there are toys to play with!
She is still getting about 8oz of formula every 3 hours or so.  I thought part of her waking up in the night was that she was hungry so I tried increasing her formula but she was not interested in it.  I am starting to think she may want/need rice cereal in the morning or perhaps before bed so we may start on that as soon as I get to the grocery store to buy some!  Finley started on solids at about 5.5 months but Penelope is a bit more pudgier then Finley so she may need it sooner!
Penelope goes to bed around 8pm + sleeps until around 745am although she has been waking herself and crying for about 5 – 10 minutes but then quickly falls back asleep without any assistance from Greg or I.  Unfortunately, I cannot fall back asleep as quickly as she + Greg and therefore have not been getting very much sleep. She usually has a short nap or two in the morning and a long nap from 2 until about 430 – 5pm.  If we’re out and about, she will sleep in the car but is wide awake the whole time when we’re in a store.  She loves to see the world before her! 
One of my friends from Red Deer was in town with her little boy so they came over for part of the day.  We had gone to high school together and have managed to keep in touch via Facebook + blogging but haven’t had many opportunities to see each other.  It was really wonderful to chat with her and see Finley + Leigham interact with one another.  It was nice to have Penelope meet some of my old friends!
Penelope is definitely teething but no teeth are yet popping through.  She loves to chew on her fingers, your fingers, face cloths, her shirts and the occasional teething toy.  She is starting to be able to grasp the toys but still hasn’t figured out to hold the toy + keep it in her mouth at the same time!  Hopefully this will come soon!  She doesn’t like teething and voices her displeasure quite loudly.  Gripe water has become a good friend lately.  I hope that once teeth poke through, she will go back to her typically happy self!
Penelope still adores her big sister and the feeling is definitely mutual.  Penelope is always watching Finley and always has a big smile for her favorite sister.  Finley loves to make sure Penelope has ample toys, blankets, a cloth to wipe her face from all her spit up, brings her diapers + clothes to wear.  She loves to help make the formula for Penelope’s bottles and to help out in the feeding process as well.  I can only imagine that once Penelope moves to solids, it will become more interesting to say the least!
Penelope’s flat spot for the most part is gone so we shouldn’t need to wear the helmet.  She goes for another appointment on February 8th + I am optimistic that she will be fine.  She loves to play under the Baby Einstein mat just like Finley did.  She loves to play with the toys attached to it + to the ones that we give to her.  She can roll over + grasp the toys around her.  She loves to voice how excited she is with everything around her.  Her squawking is quite funny at times.  You gotta double check to see if she is actually happy or dying a miserable death.  I am not even remotely kidding.

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