Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dear Penelope,

Dear Penelope,
I cannot believe that you, my sweet baby girl, are turning the big 1 today.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I held you for the first time in my arms. The last month has been drastic for accomplishments + activities!
*You cut 7 teeth!!  Yes 7 teeth in the last month.  That my dear girl, is a lot.  Your big sister also had 8 teeth at this age but she got them gradually – not all at once.  Number 3 arrived before we went on vacation and the other 6 while we were away. You look like such a big girl with all those teeth.  It makes me sad but in a good way.  Thankfully, you didn’t complain too much about your teeth coming in which made us all very happy!
You are a crawler, a puller, a stander, a kneeler – you are always on the move!  You love getting around the house and are happy that you found a faster way than army dragging or whatever it was you did to get around.  You like to pull yourself up to your knees and can do so without problem. You like to stand on your feet but still can’t get up on your own.  You try and try with no success but we love your determination and hope that it continues with you for the rest of your life. 
You love to drive your sister crazy.  You constantly play with her Minnie Mouse, Jessie, her necklaces (you have managed to break a few), get into her crayons and that famous trait of all little sisters – you love to pull her hair and pinch.  She yells back at you, grabs things out of your hands, and has been known to kick and hit you a time or two.  Don’t worry, she does get punished for things like that. 
However, at the same time, you two are the best of friends.  She comforts you when you’re crying by patting your back and asking why you are crying or what’s wrong , makes sure you have your sippy cup, picks up your food if you throw it off your highchair,
When you get hungry, when you get angry and when you are happy – you shake.  You literally vibrate.  It’s funniest when it is because you are mad but you don’t seem to think  so.
You love to eat and I am not sure if there is something I could pick that you don’t like.  You absolutely love blueberries, peaches, pancakes, salmon, fish, shrimp, cheerios, carrots, cucumbers – even broccoli.  You don’t care for grapes but most everything else you eat.  You eat big meals at every meal and snack well.  You out eat your sister on most days but don’t worry, you are just a growing girl and need it more than she does!
You eat most meals with your hands.  I don’t let you eat soup, cereal or yogurt because it ends up everywhere!  Don’t worry, I still don’t like Finley feeding herself yogurt either! It makes me very happy to see you feeding yourself successfully.  I cannot wait until you can do cereal too!!
You are drinking 3 sippy cups a day of milk or formula.  We are just going to get rid of this last can of formula and then you will go milk exclusively.  you enjoy your milk and had no problems with digestion after trying it out like Finley did.
You are still on those awful Nuby transition sippy cups and you have destroyed the spout on them and they continuously leak which does not make me happy.  I tried to switch you to three other different sippy cups without success.  In fact,  you refused to drink milk the entire day until I caved and gave you the stupid nuby.
While we were away on vacation, you decided that when we returned to Calgary that you would no longer require 2 naps a day despite the fact that I still needed you to have 2 naps a day.  your afternoon started out to be 90 minutes and I was traumatized by this. Thankfully, you have expanded it to be at least 2+ hours which is much nicer!
Bedtime is somewhere between 730+8pm and usually varies on how tired I am and how badly I need a break.  When you are a mom yourself, you will understand.
We spent 17 days in the USA – travelling to Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho + Washington.  You enjoyed all the sites and sounds and all the goodies we got for you along the way.  you still continue to be an excellent camper!
You love music and love bouncing and listening to your Fisher Price Rock n Something rather.  Your sister also loved it.  You can make it sound all by yourself with your hands and love playing with it.  You also love playing with your fisher price 2in1 kitchen – you especially love crawling through the door of it – back and forth and will do this for an extended amount of time.  you love rattles and any toys that make noise.  You are also especially fond of your sister’s drum.  She lets you play it only because she loves the piano and xylophone – none of which she shares easily.
Your cousins Tanner + Madi came to visit us for a few days and we went to the zoo, did some shopping and made your (+ all the other kids) first of many trips to Calaway Park.  You did well considering you spent most of the day in your stroller.  You loved having them around and all of the extra attention that they were giving you!
You are known mostly as Penelope with a few Penn, Penny, Sisi (by Finley), Sweet Pea (by me) Penelepoop (by daddy) PeePee’s (by Finley) thrown in as well.  I liked calling you Pia but most don’t like that but your nickname will be whatever it is you want to be called.  Maybe you’ll even go by your middle name – several members of our family do that and there is nothing wrong with Grier!  In fact, that was almost your first name!  Whatever nickname you choose I am sure it will be perfect! 
And one of the most funniest woman in the world Tina Fey named her daughter Penelope last week only proving how cool your daddy and I were when picking your name!  If you have no idea who she is, she is star of my favorite tv show 30 Rock and former head writer of my other favorite show SNL.  And also related to you and SNL, you share your birthday with Andy Samberg – my not so secret crush.  No need to worry, your daddy already knows about it!
It has been a wonderful year Penelope.  Not always easy but definitely worth it in the end.  I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world.  You have changed our world for the best and we look forward to many, many more years of loving you to come.
In closing of this 12th letter, I want to share with you and those reading something I found on Pinterest:
This is for both you and your sister.
I love you forever Sweet Pea,
Love Mommy.
****ALL photos in this blog were ALL taken TODAY, her birthday!

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