Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dear Penelope,

Dear Penelope,
Happy 2nd birthday to our sweetest Pea!!  How is it possible that my sweet baby girl is now a sweet little toddler???  Above you will see that I have included a slideshow – these photos show how much you have changed and grown up in 12 short months.  Don’t laugh at the slideshow – it was my first ever attempt,  Hopefully next years will be better.
You are still a cuddly, affectionate little girl who loves to hug and kiss her mommy, daddy and big sister. Every time you are away from Finley, you run and give her the biggest of hugs.  Sometimes she hugs you back, other times she pushes you away but that’s just sisters for you!!  However, that being said, you are certainly a little firecracker with a temper that will explode in 0.2 seconds and you are as stubborn as can be.  One might say you don’t fall far from the tree :)
You love cats and dogs and petting zoos.  You love to meow, roar and ribbit.  You are perhaps the cutest little frog around with your little ribbits and attempts to jump which as of today, still unsuccessful.  You still are not too impressed with the zoo – mostly because you can’t touch or pet any of the animals. 
You are learning new words every day!!  Your newest words are “meow” which you do every time you see a kitty cat and just yesterday you saw a stuffed Lion at a store in the mall and said it.  You are pretty good at repeating words I say even if you don’t yet say them in actual conversation.  You know all your body parts and are especially fond of your belly.  It is not uncommon for you to lift your shirt or dress and show the world your belly.
You love to play with the Little People sets – especially the barn, jungle and Noah’s Arc.  You tend to take them out of the basement playroom and I find them all over the house!!!  Perhaps you will be a veterinarian?
Your biggest obsession by far has been Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  It also happens to be the theme of your birthday party this year too!!  You have dolls, stuffed animals, placemats, sippy cups, water bottles, t-shirts, dresses + pajamas all that have either or both of their faces on them.  It is fun to see you so excited over something like that.  I can’t wait for you to meet them next fall, you are so going to love it!!  You love the Hot Dog Dance and it is your favourite part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 
You have 2 Ariel Dolls and a pair of Ariel Pajamas so we kinda declared that you be your favourite princess as Finley insisted that you must have a favourite.  At first she and daddy wanted it to be Sleeping Beauty but she is perhaps the lamest of all princesses (no offence to lovers of Aurora).  You are more then welcome to change this as you get older!  Perhaps one day we will watching The Little Mermaid.  I, myself, have never ever watched. 
You love your big sister so much – even if you do sometimes intentionally pull her hair and steal her favourite toys.  You love her toys and take advantage of a napping or sleeping in sister by playing with them.  You love to copy your sister which sometimes drives her crazy.  Being a big sister myself, I totally get that, but still I find it so sweet to watch you.  If she is done eating, so are you.  If she is playing with your dolls, you do too. 
You love bananas, peanut butter sandwiches + toast – any chance to lick peanut butter and you are a happy camper!!  The only foods you don’t particularly care for are perogies and potatoes. 
You rarely nap unless you have a super busy morning and even those are still rare.  I think you still need these, but you seem to think otherwise.  Sometimes you will fall asleep in the car and I can carry you into the house and into your bed without you waking, but those are rare.   You go to bed most nights between 7+8pm and sleeping between 10 – 12 hours which is pretty nice!
You still love the water, being in the lake or pool and bathtubs.  You love bubbles and soap but have taken a hatred to having  your hair washed just like Finley.  I hope this soon passes!!
You love camping, getting wet and playing in the dirt.  The wetter and dirtier the better in most cases!  If you had your way you would be outside and/or camping every day.  This makes your daddy so very happy!!  You like climbing up into the house on the swing set but are not a huge fan of the slide – although you have gotten better as the summer has gone on.  You love to swing and to be pushed.  Sometimes you go onto Finley’s swing and lay on it and make yourself swing.  You like going for wagon rides, riding in the bike trailer and playing on the tricycle despite your legs being a touch too short.  You love your bike helmet, sunhats, sunglasses, toques, your sister’s shoes but mostly hate wearing your own shoes.
Loves playing with her dolls, my little ponies, mr potato heads, having tea parties with her stuffed animals, reading books, dancing,  playing peek a boo and hide and seek.  You love to fill your doll stroller with all kinds of funny things and take them for walks outside.
You have yet to have your hair cut.  Your hair is finally starting to grow but it does have curl coming in which is just so sweet.  I really hope that your hair stays curly!!
You are so much like your daddy.  You are affectionate, patient, methodical and you try again to do something if the first time fails.  Every day I see more and more of your daddy in you.  You like to do things by yourself and only after struggling do you ask for help.  You have figured out to climb into the Traverse and into your car seat.  You don’t do it in the safest of ways, so I have to assist you sometimes which you don’t like.  Although your independence makes me happy, it also makes me a little sad.
Your absolutely, most cherished possession is your blanket.  I don’t think it has come clean in a long, long time.  The light pink looks kinda dull but it really looks loved.  It comes everywhere with us and if it somehow gets left at home, it makes for a long, miserable car ride.  You went through a phase of hating your carseat but you seem to be happier in it.  You are still riding rear facing in it as well.
As you can tell from the above, you are a very much loved little girl.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives to fill our heart with such sweet sunshine and love.  A hug, smile and kiss from you can make any day better.  I look forward to what the next 12 months bring to us and watch grow even more into a big girl although in Finley’s eyes she is the only big girl but maybe she will change her mind!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Penelope, We love you…

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