Monday, 18 August 2014

Dear Penelope,

Dear Penelope,
Is that what you want to be called today? You sometimes go by Mystery or Punky. Punky seems to be what only your sister can call you. You always crack us up when you decide to go by a different name. 
Today you are 4. I cannot believe you are 4. It seems like just yesterday that your daddy and I were desperately trying to find a name for you. 
You are a feisty, fierce and funky little girl bursting with both stubbornness and personality. You love to be artistic, strong and independent. I hope you carry this with you as you get older as it will serve you well. You are a cuddle bug and when you are not being so “spirited”, you are such a sweetheart. 
You love giraffes, kitty cats and anything that has animal print. You love Twilight Sparkle and all things Tinkerbell + Pirate Fairy. You love Elsa + Olaf but what girl doesn’t these days? 
You love to read books and go to the library. You love the Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child and all the Pinkalicious books. Just like your sister, your bed is almost always filled with books. 
You have a crazy imagination and you are constantly making us laugh. You are a mostly happy little girl with a fierce stubborn side that is gonna give me a run for most stubborn person in our family 
Your sister is your best friend and you so badly want to be just like her. I love that you have this special relationship as there is no truer friendship then that of a sister. 
You love to ride your bike, no training wheels for you!  I can’t believe the progress you made this summer! From your strider to training wheels to 2 wheels without help. You were awesome!! You love to swim, bounce on the trampoline, build sandcastles and soccer. 
You are so excited to turn 4 and have told us so many times that you see done being 3 and ready to turn 4. You also don’t like being called my baby or the little sister because you say you are a big girl. And you are right Penelope, you are a big girl but you will always be my baby girl. Even when you are a parent living in Seattle. 
Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Pea, 

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