Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Penelope's First Day of Year 4 Pre-School

How did I fall so far behind??  I have so many posts just sitting here unedited ready to be written and seen.  Truth be told, I just need more hours in my day to accomplish all that I need to.
Anyways, last Wednesday was my littlest baby’s first day of 4 year old preschool.  She now goes 3 mornings a week from 830-1030.
Seriously, I don’t think Penelope could be any cuter then she is in this photo right now.  Since turning 4, her listening skills have gotten a lot better.  Unfortunately her temper has gotten a lot worse…
It was raining so the photo outside the school wasn’t as nice as last years photo when it was still summer….
Waiting to go into her class room and meet her new teachers.
Once inside the classroom, Penelope became very shy.  She spoke to Mrs P who taught her last year and came into the class just to visit with her.  She wouldn’t talk to her new teachers or new class mates.  And when it was carpet time she wouldn’t leave my side.  It was not going good.  Finally I insisted that she go play away from me and she ventured over there.  She didn’t really play much but explored the area.  Her teacher saw she was struggling and got her to help out with the Shining Star stuff and that seemed to help.  She was attached to Mrs S the rest of the class.
It ended with her on the carpet by herself and actively participating.  Today is day 4 and she is loving her teachers and her new friends who are still nameless.  She does very much miss Leah who was her preschool bff last year.  

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