Friday, 16 May 2014

Penelope's First Hair Cut

On Wednesday I took the girls to Beaners for a hair cut.  Finley had been bugging me for awhile to get hers done and I decided to go and clean up the back of her hair because it was a hot mess!
She was very excited 
She picked the dalmation to sit on because she has a stuffed dalmation named Generation that she loves.  She was very well behaved for Stella (who by the way is awesome and she is at Southland Beaners)
Once her hair cut was over, we braided in some purple and pink into her hair
You can see Finley in the background.  She wanted hers cut to Dora The Explorer’s length.  I wouldn’t let her.  Even the hair dresser thought she was crazy.  Finley has beautiful hair she just doesn’t realize that yet.
The back of Penelope’s hair post hair cut.  This isn’t the best photo but it looks so much better.  By cutting off the stringy stuff has made her look so much thicker even though its not.  Her hair is so fine it is ridiculous.  Her hair is still not perfect thanks to her fineness and the curls underneath her bone straight hair but one day hopefully we will get there!

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