Monday, 20 August 2012

Party Time

On the morning of Penelope’s second birthday, we had a party for her and her friends.  We invited 12 or 13 kids and only 3 were able to make it – gotta love birthdays on beautiful August weekends :).  Regardless it was great fun!!
I forgot to put the memory camera in the camera so I have no photos of the cupcakes we made for the kids party or any of the decorations I made…..oops :) Thankfully I remembered for the rest.  I didn’t retake the other photos because I assumed it had an internal memory.  I apparently assumed wrong!
Before the kids party though, I was getting Penelope’s birthday blog up when she walked by me to get a spoon.  I thought she was wanting it for her banana.  A few minutes later I turned around and she was eating her birthday cake.
We didn’t even get a photo before she destroyed it.
A close up of the damage
The birthday party was a great success!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!  Thank you all for helping us make our Sweet P’s day so special!!!

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