Saturday, 20 June 2015

Penelope's Pre-School Graduation

This past Wednesday was Penelope’s last day of preschool. EVER!!  This fall, she will be attending our community catholic school along with Finley. 
She is so excited to be attending kindergarten in the fall.  The morning after orientation, she woke up thinking she was starting that day.  She was very sad when we told her she had to wait several months. 
Getting ready to go in for the last time with her gifts for her fantastic teachers.
Mrs S. gave Penelope a great big hug when she gave her the gift as she walked into class.  I can’t lie, I was teary eyed already at this point.  
We got to come back 30 minutes before the end of class for their graduation ceremony.  I still can’t believe this little munchkin is starting kindergarten.  The feelings I have are far greater then with Finley but it’s because Penelope is our baby.  I tried to convince Greg that we should have another baby but he was not on board with the conversation haha.
Their goodbye gift from her teachers.  I seriously cannot say enough about how amazing this preschool is.  We have been here for 2 kids and 4 years and I have loved every single minute of it, as have they. It’s such a great school and every time someone mentions trying to decide which preschool they should send their child to in our area, I always recommend this one.  They are hands down the best preschool in the whole wide world.
One final hug from her beloved C.  They loved each other from the very first day of school and referred to each other as their best girl and their best boy.  
One final hug from Mrs S.  I was done being teary eyed at this point but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was teary eyed as I was writing this post.
And a goodbye from Mrs G.
And so ends our preschool journey.  I am beyond grateful that we were lucky enough to find a school who had teachers that loved our kids as much as we did and wanted nothing more then to see them succeed and grow into sweet little girls who love school and learning.  Thanks LE.

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