Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Peppermint Wishes

On Saturday, we headed down to the Round Up Center after soccer for Greg’s Work Christmas Party. We have never actually been to one before mostly because Rider playoff games were always the same weekend. 
Our first stop was to see Santa since the line up wasn’t too long.  I had been telling Penelope that she was on the naughty list and she told me she was going to ask Santa when she saw him.  She didn’t because she gets too shy and just smiles and giggles when on Santa’s lap.  However, he did say that he checked before coming down from the North Pole and both were on the nice list.  He went on to say that could change if they didn’t go to bed nicely or put away their toys.  It was great.  After Santa, we went and had some lunch. It was gross.  So gross that it’s not really worth posting about.
They had all kinds of bouncy castles and slides set up for all kinds of age groups.  Clearly Finley was enjoying this one.
This was like a bouncy castle obstacle course.
After lots of playing in all things bouncy, we headed over to the cookie and crafting section of the christmas party.
Here are the girls decorating their cookies. The icing was a little thick and hard to spread so I helped them out and did that.  Penelope used mostly chocolate chips and Finley squeezed as much as she could on that cookie because after all it is just a method to get all kinds of sweet things in your mouth!
The crafting area was really neat basically they wanted you to do a watercolour of a winter house with a cool frame that they made.  
Finley really focused to get hers a lot like the example photo.  Penelope’s was the exact opposite.
Then it was off to balloon making.  Penelope got her rudolph and finley got the best version of olaf that they could do.  Olaf was on a  “stick” because it is hard to carry and as you can tell Penelope was not happy that she didn’t get one too hahaha
Next came face painting.  This had been the longest line all day but it wasn’t bad when we finally got around to doing it.  Greg hates face painting but the girls love it.  Penelope actually dosed off while getting it done.
The girl who did Finley had been dying to do an Olaf FOREVER and she did awesome.
Hello Olaf!!!!  How awesome is this.  It was so much better then all of the other Olaf’s done by the other ladies.
Rainbow Tiger
One last slide before heading home…
Their gifts from the party.  The Water Wow from Melissa and Doug is seriously the greatest thing ever!!!  If I ever see them in other themes I will be buying them up.

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