Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

This past weekend, we took an impromptu camping trip out to Kananaskis.  We hadn’t decided to go camping until Saturday morning when we were driving in the city and thought outloud why are we spending such a beautiful weekend here!!  Well the reason was that our good friends Jack and Ruth were moving into a new place and Greg was helping them move.  The plan was to drop Greg off at Jack’s and then go get some groceries and load the car up with the camping gear.  
The groceries were the easy part, we headed to Planet Organic to get what we needed and then made the trip home.  We had to get hot dogs because our camping stove started on fire the previous weekend.  I bought unprocessed all natural hot dogs and they were so bland.  But the amazing buns made it better.  Fresh homemade bakery buns.  Folks, it doesn’t get better than this.  
Upon our arrival home, Penelope went for a nap and Finley played in the backyard while I tackled the daunting task of packing our gear.  I have never, ever done this before nor have I ever paid attention to Greg doing it.  You are all probably thinking a tent, sleeping bags and the food bin and tool bin and dish bin – how hard could it be.  Well we have 3 different tents and all kinds of multiple camping things.  Some from when it was just he and I, some for when Greg goes backpack camping etc etc.  Buying camping gear has become like an obsession for Greg.  All winter long, new things randomly appeared at our house.  I didn’t bring the picnic cover because I didn’t think there was much chance of rain.  
So how did I do?? Well I brought 2 tents, extra tent pegs, our sleeping pads, Penelope’s sleeping pad but forgot Finley’s.  I brought all 4 camping chairs, brought the picnic cover fabric part but left the actual thing it goes on at home (like I planned).  So over all, I think I did pretty well.  I think Greg needs to label all of the camping stove so I don’t do more work than I need to. 
The sheep are looking pretty ratty these days
A mama Moose!!!  She was looking pretty angry so I am thinking her calf was close by
Helping Daddy with the tent
Playing ring toss.  Finley has improved drastically from last year!!
Greg got the fire going so we could roast our supper
Roasting the hot dogs
Hanging by the camp fire.  You will notice her cowboy hat is now pink.  We lost her white one somewhere at Planet Organic.  We couldn’t find it anywhere!!!  So we went and bought her a new one and one for Penelope for next stampede.
Love this photo – so cute!
Penelope being cute
Yummy smore goodness
Timeout #1 for Penelope.  One minute in the chair
Is a minute up yet Finley asked the entire minute
Another time out
Happy sisters!!
Such a beautiful night – no wind, just sun and calmness
Every time Greg heard Penelope leave her sleeping bag, he took away her blanket and dog.  This one time Greg opened up the tent, she handed him her stuff.  It was so funny.
At the information center trying to find an easy hike to do since we(I) forgot the Ergo carrier back home.  We had planned on going canoeing but they don’t have infant life jackets there to rent. 
We ended up doing this trail which is dedicated to the Canadians to hiked to the top of Mt Everest in 1982. I said to Greg that this is the closest that any of us will ever be to hiking Mt Everest.  He said that we ever to go to Nepal he wants to hike to Base Camp. I am sure that it is safe to hike there but any future trips to Nepal have already been crossed off ALL lists.  If you are curious as to how dangerous this hike is, read Into Thin Air.  It is a great book but proves how seriously crazy some people are.
Getting ready to hike
We made it to the top!
Taking a break
It was a beautiful hike with some amazing views but the mosquitos were so bad that we all got eaten alive.  
more ragged sheep!
Picnic lunch before heading back to Calgary!!

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