Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

The second last weekend of May, we loaded up the new vehicle and new roof rack carrier and headed to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  We needed to do a test run with the smaller vehicle to figure out how we would manage on bigger camping trips.  We knew even before doing this that we would need a roof rack carrier and as luck would have it, the one we wanted was on sale at Canadian Tire the week before. 
The girls were so excited to finally be going back camping.  It was a long winter for them.  
Some wild life we saw on one of the drives.  
The girls are such good campers and helpers.  They haul everything from the car to the tent and get it all ready.  They also help Greg set up the tent.  I literally have to watch, that is it.  I have it made my friends.
We went for a bike ride but it wasn’t a long one since Penelope wanted to ride her own bike and she gets tired pretty quickly.
The ice cream shop wasn’t open yet but the store still had some frozen treats.  It was incredibly busy at the park and only a handful of empty sites remained when we got there on Saturday morning.  It was kinda crazy!!
Upper Kananaskis Lake.  I think this might be what heaven looks like.  We hung out here for a bit and chilled and while the girls built castles out of rocks.  It was pretty nice.
Their Grandma Gail bought them princess roasting sticks which are pretty cool.  The girls love having their own sticks.
eating her gooey marshmallow goodness.
Finley was mad and pouty because her marshmallow kept burning and she had to keep starting over.  
The days were warm but the night was cold.  So cold.  It was freezing.  The girls also slept terribly.  It was a long night.  If this happens again, there might not be a whole lot of camping in our future haha.

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