Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pre-School Year End Celebrations

Last week, Pacekids held their year end celebrations.  It was so much fun!  Very happy that Greg was able to leave work for a bit to watch it.  He took the photos and I took the video.  If you want to watch their performances or anyother videos just click HERE. If anybody knows how I can post a link on blog (in the side columns) please let me know!!
Old McLogan 
They sang Billy the Bull
Finley had one horn :)
Billy the Bull had no horns because he was a…COW (finley was the only one who screamed this out)
The cow’s on the farm go MOO MOO MOO
The Pigs on the Farm go OINK OINK OINK.  Loved that Finley was using sign language for the oinking.
Getting recognized for all her hard work.  This is her Aide Courtney
The girl on the left is Finley’s Speech Pathologist
Sorry I forgot to rotate this.  
Time for cupcakes
Penelope loved the balloons
And apparently the cake too :)
The last 6 months at Pace  have been nothing short of spectacular.  The level of improvement in ALL areas in Finley is somewhat extraordinary.  She has just grown so much and is much better at communicating and expressing herself.  She did really well on her assessments but still has a severe delay in Speech.  Normally you have to be severe in 2 areas to qualify and she is only severe now in one.  They have pleaded their case as to why another year at Pace will be beneficial but we won’t find out until August if she is or not.  This means I needed a backup plan for MWF in case funding does not go through.  T/TH she will be at a regular preschool regardless of what happens.  A new preschool is opening up in Silverado so I have her registered there for MWF just in case.  And the best part, they aren’t making me pay the registration fees until the class fills up – which is great!! 

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