Sunday, 26 September 2010

Pre-Season Hockey

Last night, Greg, Finley + Penelope and I headed down to the Saddledome for our first Flames game of the season.  Granted it was a pre-season game, which I normally try to avoid, but it was good practice for the regular season with 2 little kids.  This was Penelope’s first Flames game at 5 weeks, which makes her 2 weeks older then Finley was when we took her for the first time.  Some people think we are crazy taking them to the games, but Finley has loved it and still does and if they sleep through the noise then they will sleep through anything and so far, so good.  

It was interesting watching Finley walk to the dome, through the lobby + concourse and through out the game.  Although, this is her 3rd season, everything seemed all new to her – she was much more aware this time then at the beginning of last season or even in April when the season ended.  She still isn’t sure about the shooting flames when they score, it actually made her cry when they scored the first goal.  But thankfully, she got better through out the game.

Both kids were very well behaved and for the 2nd time in 2 days, I was told that my kids were very well behaved!!

Here are some photos from last night and the last 2 season openers with the girls:

Finley + Penelope at the dome September 25th, 2010
Penelope getting ready for pre-season game. Sep25, 2010.  5 weeks old
Finley getting ready to attend pre-season game. Sep25, 2010.  23 months old
Finley at Home Opener, Oct8th, 2009, 11.5 months old
At the ‘dome for her 1st Flames game. Nov18, 2008, 3 weeks old
Finley getting ready for 1st Flames Game on Nov18, 2008.  She was 3 weeks old

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