Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pretty Pink Bridge

We stumbled across the Alberta beauty completely by accident.  And what a great accident it was.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love pink and stuff like this so this was so awesome.
It’s located in Kananaskis Country at the Elbow Valley Campground.  So if you are coming from Calgary you would leave on the 22x and it turns into Highway 22 and the instead of turning at Bragg Creek you go straight onto Highway 66 and you go until the road ends past Elbow Falls and other campgrounds and  hikes until you get to the end and then you turn in and go to where the walk in campsite parking is and it is right by there.
If you are interested in googling it, the official name is Harold Chapman Bridge.  I have no idea who he is or what he did but am very happy that they chose a pink bridge to honour him
And these 2 were too!!
Check it out if you ever get the chance, there is a nice little hike around it too!

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