Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Road To Hana

Early Saturday morning, we got up and headed on The Road To Hana.  This is popular tourist attraction so I was looking forward to driving it.
Finley at our first stop
It was a pretty nice view of the ocean.  This was probably my favorite part of the road to Hana.  
Our second stop was also kinda cool.  The sound that the water made when hitting the rocks was pretty cool.  
Along The Road to Hana is Haleakala National Park so we stopped there for some hiking. 
The first waterfall that you came across
It was a muddy hike and Finley hates mud.  This resulted in Greg carrying her most of the way
Waiting for Grandpa Don and Granny Jane at the Banyan Tree
Finley being silly
The Bamboo forest.  This is where  I turned back.  I was so hot and my back hurt from sitting in the back row of the mini van and the bumpy roads.  Being pregnant didn’t help either.
Greg, Brad and the girls at the top water fall – photo courtesy of Don
The waterfall – photo courtesy of Don
We continued on The Road to Hana and actually made to Hana. We stopped at this Thai place and it was quite tasty.  
We stopped at this Black Sand Beach on the journey back but the tide was so high that the beach was almost gone and it was far too dangerous to go down there but it did look pretty nice!
We stopped at a little market area 
This coconut candy was delicious.
Chickens everywhere!!
Eventually we made it back from Hana to our condo.  I still don’t understand the attraction of The Road to Hana.  It’s not something that I would want to do again or that I would recommend.  I don’t know if I missed something or what.  I did enjoy the first leg of the trip but the stuff after lunch was hit or miss.  I am definitely glad we did it though but wouldn’t do it again.
Greg, myself and the girls headed to Bubba Gumps for supper.  Greg and I had planned to go both in New York and in Orlando but both times we ended up somewhere else.  This time we made a plan to eat here and so we did.
Watching the sun set from our window.  It was open so I made sure to keep my phone and purse down by my feet.  With my luck I would have knocked it over!!
Pretty sky
I loved that the kids’ fries and jello came in a boat!!!  So awesome!!!  We had a great time for sure eating some great seafood – well Greg and I anyways.  The girls’ had pizza as you can see!!
Playing in the condo before bed.  We actually stayed up late this night – we didn’t get to bed until almost 11 although the girls headed to bed around 9 or so.  It was nice to stay up to a reasonable adult time 

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