Friday, 17 April 2015

Rock N Roll Half Marathon - San Francisco

Finally race day arrived! After being in bed by 730 the night before, getting up at 430am didn’t seem too bad.  Because transit wasn’t really running where we needed to go when we needed it go, we just walked to city hall which wasn’t too far.  Lots of others were doing the same.
Because the start and finish of this half was in two different locations, there were buses that took you from the finishing line out to the starting location.  You can kinda see the buses in back photo and behind them by the green lights were all the homeless people were displaced with the setting up of the half marathon.
Waiting for the race to start.  It was getting a bit lighter and you were able to see the ocean a little bit better.  It was a 630am start time but it took awhile to get started as they did a section at a time based on your expected finishing time.  Greg was supposed to be in the third heat but stayed back with me  because I think he was worried about my knee and me making it to the bridge in time.  
This was a very nice neighbourhood we were running through.  I think they are probably the only houses in the city that are not attached and have yards.  You can see the golden gate bridge in the distance as the sun rose.
The view from behind us.  Seriously could you imagine getting to run along here everyday?? I am full of jealousy.  As much as I love running in Fish Creek, this would be pretty nice.
Me with the bridge in background.  You can tell that this was a popular photo spot for those touristy runners like myself.  I never once did this in Vancouver but this was just too cool not to. And to be honest, it was a nice break for my knee/it band.
Getting so close to the bridge.  Only 2 lanes were closed for part of the run.  The other lanes remained open.  I don’t remember what the cut off for making the bridge was but we made it with plenty of time.  It would have sucked to have gotten to the bridge and you were forced to turn back.  
The distance of the bridge is 2.7km each way but we ran a bit further then that and then through a parking lot before coming back on to run back.  This is where my knee started to really give out on me, which was almost at the halfway point I believe.
It felt like we were never going to get to the end of this bridge running there but coming back was pretty fast.  It was a bit more downhill which helped a lot.  I found that if i did a combination warrior pose with a quad stretch, it loosened up my knee but it still sucked.
You know it is a big deal when Greg makes you stop to take a photo of him on the bridge.  Because this NEVER happens!!
Here is me standing on a lane of traffic on the golden gate bridge.  Seriously it was worth every ounce of knee pain I felt that day and all the pain that followed in days to come.
The bridge behind us. What a perfect day for a run.  
Another view of alcatraz.  This was near Fort Mason which I have no idea what it is as I just happened to see a sign on the building.  This was the last photo I took on the run.
Trying to refuel myself post race.  I was so tired.  I was like jelly no joke.  And so hot.  
  It was a tough run and the hills were way worse then I imagined.  There were times while I was running that I wondered why I did this to my body, why I thought suffering so much pain was worth it and it even crossed my mind if I would ever run again.  The pain I felt in my knee/it band was some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.  And I am not even exaggerating.  But I finished the race and I finished strong too which I was proud of and did it in a time of 3:02.  Definitely not my best race but given all that I went through to get here and during the race,  I am sure proud of myself.
Greg relaxing watching American Authors
American Authors.  I don’t really like them but the vibe was fantastic and the perfect way to end the race day.  
Now if you are wondering, I did not give up running.  In fact, I signed up for a 15K on May 2nd and a half marathon on May 31st.  I bought new shoes while in San Francisco that seem to be helping with my knee.  My it band is no longer tight but I still get pain in my knee in the location where the band meets.  Greg thinks it’s just recovering from the race, but I am not sure.  I go back to Shari next week to take a look at it.  I don’t think I would ever run in San Francisco again but I look forward to travelling somewhere else to run with Greg in the near future.

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