Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Royal Theater - Disneyland

In Disneyland, they have what is called the Royal Theater. They put on plays of various movies.  The day we were there the two plays were Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel.
They were pretty cool and in high demand. If you were not there 30 minutes before it opened you were pretty much outta luck.  Thankfully we were prepared for this and were able to get great seats for both!!  
We got front row seats for Rapunzel which made the girls very happy well Finley anyways.  I don’t think it mattered for Penelope.
Their interpretation of Mother Gothel – it was funny
Going “down” the tower
I loved Max!!
The end.  These were really great shows and I really recommend that you see them if you are ever in Disneyland.  They are a tiny bit corny but the kids will love them more then you know!!  Just remember get there EARLY!!

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