Wednesday, 23 October 2013

San Diego Zoo

I have been waiting to go to the San Diego Zoo for years.  YEARS!!  No exaggeration.  I love pandas!!  I cannot wait for the Calgary Zoo to get them in 2018 I believe!!  I remember as a child going to see them when they were here in 1988.  They were loaned to us because Calgary hosted the Olympics.  
During a visit to the Calgary Zoo, Finley told me her favorite animal was the camel.  She was probably around 2 so nearly 3 years ago.  I thought it was just a passing phase but it has stuck.  We had never ever been able to find a stuffed camel until now. She was beyond excited when we found one for her here!!
Penelope picked out a Panda Bear that I am almost positive she has never touched or seen since.
I am not going to post about all of the animals at the zoo but mostly just our favorites or ones that I had never ever seen before!
Another cool one
This was a different zebra then the one we have here at home
i LOVE pandas!!!
They had a massive big cat section which is fantastic!! I am a huge fan of big cats and they had so MUCH variety!!
Lots of camels – different varieties.  Finley was so happy to show her camel these camels!!
More cats
Penelope’s favorite animal!
They were taking the wolf to a classroom talk.  It was cool to see the wolf out like that
This is newest member to the San Diego Zoo.  They have TONS of koalas.  And almost all of them were sleeping just like when we had a few visit us here in Calgary
Taking photos
The San Diego appears to be huge but really it isn’t. We spent about 5 or 6 hours which is about we could spend on any given day in Calgary although it is much bigger then our zoo.  They serve alcohol throughout the park so you can drink your beer and watch your tigers.  Greg jumped on this opportunity!! I highly recommend that you visit here if you are ever in San Diego which by the way, is one of the most  beautiful places I have ever been!! 

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