Monday, 21 December 2015

Santa, The Sugar Plum Fairy, + The Nutcracker

Saturday was a big day for Finley + Penelope.  After I got home from my run and showered we headed to Chinook Mall to meet Santa Claus.  I was a little worried it be crazy with it being the last Saturday before Christmas but surprisingly it wasn’t and we got there around 11am.  We walked immediately to the opposite end of the mall where Santa was located.  They have a  registration system now so you don’t have to stand in line for hours waiting to see him.  You give them your name and phone number and they text you with updates about your length of wait and then a final text for you to comeback now.  It’s a great system to have because standing in line with kids to see Santa is one of the worst things ever. 
The Santa at Chinook was fantastic! He was cheery, friendly and nice looking.  Even the elves were awesome! When you register they ask for the girls’ names so that when Santa sees them he welcomes you with their names.  They loved that! We just get the basic 5×7 photo of him so this is a photo of a photo and the glare was terrible but it still looks great.  It’s probably the best Santa photo we have ever had.

Later on Saturday night, we went to our friends’ house for their Christmas Cheer party and the Nutcracker and Sugar Plum Fairy showed up.  The girls (and all the other kids for that matter) were so excited to see them.  And I would be lying if a bunch of the adults were too.  It was a fun party for the kids!!!

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