Monday, 26 November 2012


On Saturday we headed out to Cross Iron Mills to do some Christmas shopping and Finley wanted to meet with Santa Claus.  We got there shortly after 11 and soon after that Penelope went missing.
I took Finley to the bathroom and I assumed Penelope stayed with Greg at South Street Burger where we were going to have lunch.  She apparently followed me and Greg thought I knew that.  I did not.  I immediately freaked out while Greg and Finley went and searched stores and the mall.  I sat in front of the restaurant and bawled my eyes out.  Thankfully there were some wonderful people there who searched for my little girl, who called the RCMP and who called Mall Security.  After what seemed like forever, she was located at Mall Security.  A family saw her wondering near Bass Pro Shops and took her their.  She was as happy as could be and I was more relieved then you could possibly know.
We did some shopping and Penelope fell asleep in the stroller (that we didn’t have with us when she went missing although it wouldn’t have made a difference because she would have gotten out at the restaurant but that i needed to keep my sane for the rest of the afternoon) and woke up just before it was our turn to meet Santa Claus.  Finley of course loved it as you could see in her smile.  Penelope was like whatever get it over with!
Despite it starting out as awful as it could be, our day turned out to be pretty good.  However, the earlier events had taken a toll on me as I freaked out each time Finley left my eyesite.  Greg told me to relax, but I just couldn’t.

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