Sunday, 22 December 2013


We went to Bass Pro Shops again this year for Santa photos.  We waited in line forever when we noticed Finley had a hole in her tights.  We switched them around so the hole was in the back and then when we got to the front of the line, she had another hole.  I was so annoyed.
I enjoy getting the photos there as there is lots for the kids to do while one of the parents wait in line. The girls really like doing the crafts that they have out.
Last year we got the digital print and we just paid for it online when we went to view the proof of our photo.  This year they made us pay up front.  When I went to look at it 2 days later, it was asking me for another $10 to get the digital copy.  I called Bass Pro Shops and was transferred 3x, on hold for nearly 20 and nobody could help me.  I decided to contact BPS through their website and they had it fixed for me in less then 10 minutes!!  I was happy with this. 
I love that my girls love Santa although I do enjoy seeing all the photos of kids screaming their heads off.  And of course being thankful that is not me :)

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