Tuesday, 12 July 2011


This past weekend, Finley, Pipi and I headed back to Saskatoon for Kristen’s bridal shower and bachelorette party.  We left Calgary at around 545am after a quick and much needed stop at Starbucks.  Both kids ate breakfast in the car and then slept until Oyen which is about halfway.  We stopped in Kindersley for gas, pee breaks, diaper change + to have a snack.  We arrived in Saskatoon shortly after lunch and we met my sister Kristy, Kristen, Amanda + her daughter Charley at Bonanza for some lunch. After we finished, Kristy, Kristen + I (along with the girls) headed to Warehouse One where Kristen and I bought new tops for her shower the next day.  
We then headed to Kristy’s where I unloaded my vehicle and  headed over to my Aunty Sandy’s.  I was anxious to see her as she had been in the hospital for about 10 days and had just gotten out.  She looked fantastic and is doing so much better!  We hung out there and Finley got a bunch of puzzles and games to take home that Madi, Tanner + Easton used to play with.  She is playing with one of them as we speak.  She loves games and puzzles! 
We all then headed to Boston Pizza for supper which was a disaster.  Our waitress was terrible and our food took forever and when it came out, it was all burnt.  We then headed over to Dollarama to pick up some stuff for the bridal shower and to Giant Tiger which was having a great sale and Aunty Sandy bought Pipi a new bathing suit which will be perfect for our vacation and Finley a new outfit that I hope fits so she can wear it to Stampede tmw.  We dropped off my Aunty and then headed home.  As you can see Finley was doggone tired after our long day!
On Saturday morning, the girls + I headed to Sardinia’s for breakfast where we met up with Greg’s mom Gail and his grandparents.  I was happy that I was able to visit with them during my busy weekend.  As always the kids loved hanging out with them and Finley was loving the new finger puppets that Grandma Gail bought for them!
After breakfast, we headed to Walmart so I could pick up a few things before heading over to pick up my mom and go get changed + ready for the bridal shower.  Above are some photos of the girls in their new dresses.  Both Kristy and my mom purchased new outfits for the girls.  If you hadn’t noticed, they are very spoiled!
After the bridal shower (blog to follow), we dropped the girls and my mom back at Kristy’s place where they changed into jeans + bunny hugs before heading to a picnic supper at the park nearby.  My Aunty Sandy, Uncle Lloyd, Cousin Chris, his wife Michelle and their kids Easton + Ashton were also going.  From what I heard they had a great time and were given some special treats that I don’t give to them….
Sunday morning we relaxed a bit at Kristy’s before heading to Tim Horton’s for breakfast (they have delicious maple oatmeal if you are ever interested).  Once we finished there we headed over to my Aunty Sandy’s where Chris, Easton + Ashton were visiting as well.  We then went shopping + for lunch at Lawson Height’s Mall and Preston Crossing.
After shopping, we went to Chris + Michelle’s for supper.  Finley had a blast playing with Ashton in the backyard.  They are 6 months apart and I am almost positive that this is the first time they played well together.  There was only one instance where Finley was sitting in the car and Ashton was pulling her by the hair trying to get her out.  Finley wasn’t even remotely disturbed by this – probably because Pipi is notorious for pulling her hair.
While the bigger kids played outside, Penelope was inside playing.  She enjoyed “helping” Michelle with the dishes, playing with her curtains and playing with Easton.
Easton + Ashton got a trampoline earlier this summer and Finley loved it!  Her + Ashton had a blast playing in it and I am pretty sure that a trampoline will be on our “must buy” list next summer!
And to top off a great weekend, Finley had a cupcake full of icing!  Usually if we have cupcakes from Crave she gets a mini one and I scrape pretty much all of the frosting off so this was a definite treat for her!!  We soon headed back to Aunty Kristy’s where we packed up and went to bed early so we could get up at 5 to leave for Calgary.
We left the Tim Horton’s drive through at 603am and were back in Calgary right around lunch time where we were welcomed with an insane storm so we spent the afternoon doing absolutely nothing.  The girls were pretty excited to see their daddy too!!!!

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